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Using the neighbors 196 this morning pulling the young kids it ws running fine.Put some non oxy gas in it tonight and noticed it was really slow out of the hole and started to miss at 34 to 36mph.Running rough now and seems to have lost power.Where should I start to ck things??Seems to run rough at all speeds and has lost power.Any ideas to a quick fix.......
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    Check out the sensor on the front bottom pulley.

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    Always go back to the last thing you did. Can you add enough "new" gas?
    On my similar era PCM, rough running always had me looking at a very dirty rotor and distributor cap.

    But, if the problem started after adding fuel, then try and refill with fresh gas.
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    If you change the filters put the gas from them in a clear container and look for water in the fuel
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    check engine light on?
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    ck engine light is not on.Is the fuel filter inside the fuel control cell? And where is the second filter located?
    Ron Engblom Brainerd lakes,minnesota
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    I believe it's a 5.8L PCM?

    If so, follow the fuel feed line going into the FCC. That will be the outlet of the low pressure pump which has an internal screen. Disassembly of the pump is required to get to the screen. (the low pressure pump pulls fuel from the tank for delivery to the higher pressure FCC)

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    Could be that the low pressure fuel pump needs replacing which is very common on the GT-40 engine. Mine went out last fall on my 1998. If that is your problem, then typically the engine will run great until it hits the operating temperature of 160 degrees, and then will either drop to a rough idle or completely cut out. It's an easy fix to replace.
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    Guaranteed fix:
    Remove rope from pylon.
    Replace from pylon down with new 200, MC Prostar, Malibu or Carbon Pro.
    Reattach rope to pylon.
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    That's very helpful @eleeski .
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    Thanks for all of the helpful ideas.I think it was some bad gas at the bottom of the tank.Ran some seafoam and fresh gas and now its running normal.@eleeski I agree this is not my boat however a new one would be great.I am still looking for a boat to purchase.
    Ron Engblom Brainerd lakes,minnesota
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    @eleeski, didn't you forget the step where they send you the old boat/engine/ski or whatever is now "shot"?
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