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So, the little people want to become 3 eventers, Age 8 and 11. Super coaching from @Janicebachmier got thier first scores in the trick books. We are using some antique HOs and Connleys with a mix of HO Animal front ant RTP for single trickster. Any advice for the next step ? @eleeski @kevinlee


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    The skis are less important than the bindings as long as they are the right size - 40-41 inch. But absolutely bite the bullet and get Reflex for the kids.

    If you do opt for new skis, i would go with a 42" for your 11yo and a 41 for the 8yo. Flip a coin for D3 or Quantum.

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    @TeamWally Actually for beginning trick skiers you need a release that releases to the side so that they don't take such hard falls when catching an edge. If you want to stay with rubber boots use Wiley's but not too tight. If you want to go hard shell boots, the MOB release will protect your young skiers from those slap down falls on a edge catch. My kids grew up using this kind of release and my daughter now tricks over 3500 pts. on it...
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    While @Bruce_Butterfield has a good point, new skis are better and will give the kids a faster learning curve. Also the D3 and Quantum skis I like seem better bigger. Don't be afraid to put kids on a 42 inch ski or bigger - just adjust the speed.

    The Reflex boot is a good idea. And with judicial padding and liner upgrading you might keep the kids going for quite a while.

    Keep skiing with Janice - she's a great coach. Get the kids in junior development camps. Make sure you have at least two sets of skis and ropes so the kids can play spray trick wars with friends and each other. Play time, just jumping the wakes, slippery slalom and anything silly you can think of to make it fun is the most important thing for kids (or anyone). Finally, kids runs should last an hour as long as it's fun.

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    Thank you O wise ones
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