What is everyone using for a handle?

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 So I just had my first bad experience with Radar. I love the skis and bindings and decided to try their handle. I bought the handle in dec. for xmas and I used it for the first time at Bennetts a few weeks ago. The handle started off grippy but by day 3 it was extremely slippery. I washed it with soap, sanded it down and had the coaches look at it. They all thought it was junk. Radar wont replace it because it has a 30 day warranty from dec.. Im not too happy after spending $75 on it.  Im done buying things during the offseason thats for sure.

 So I was wondering what everyone is using for a handle. The people at Bennetts like masterline. I was thinking masterline or the local proshop here has proline. What is a good handle these days?
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    I've been using the Accurate custom ARS handles for a few years now. The rubber is softer than most other handles and the grip is incredible with kevlar gloves. The softer rubber means the handle will wear down every 2 years or so depending on how many sets you ski, but its really rare for me to have the handle pop on a deep turn with the grip I get
  • I got an Accurate handle for christmas this year and by now (maybe 20 sets) the rubber is significantly worn down. I have previously used In-Tow handles from Brenda and think they are fantastic and will last forever! I am definitely going to go back to those.
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    rq0013, I believe Eddie answered and offered to help in this thread before the site went down. Did he get you set up with what you needed? He has never failed me!

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    In-Tow handles by Brenda. Absolutely love mine.
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    I am the same as rpg I have been using handles from Brenda at In-Tow. www.jlbmfg.com
    Mark Shaffer
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    Still using 4 Straightline TLS Radius handles.. They don't make them anymore, but when the time comes to replace them I saw one made by US Gear that looks like it will work for me..
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    I ordered a rope and handle from Brenda at In-Tow and had both on my doorstep within four days.  It would have been sooner, but she didn't start making it until I ordered it!

    JP :)
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    In-Tow, both her handles and her ropes. I love her ropes and because they only have one loop at each line length. Super easy to cut rope. They don't stretch or shrink either.
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    I left him a message but Im not sure if he got it due to the site going down again. 
    Rob Quetschke
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    I'm sure he didn't based on the timing. Why don't you whisper him your phone number again. He will take care of you.
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    Fav handle was a masterline about 3 yrs old, rubber extremely grippy; had to restring it and flip it to last an extra year cause it was to soft, but man what a grip; on a radar now! Love the lock gloves also; Eddie if u catch this thread please don't discontinue!
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    The RS1 is great. I also tried a freestyler recently and liked it as well or better. Some college kids I ski with a bit are using them strung with spectra and swear they feel more "solid" at the finish of the turn. I didn't try as I have had some nasty elbow tendonitis and did not want anything with less give. Anyone else tried that set up?
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    Spectra is definitely solid but probably the last thing you should use for "nasty elbow syndrome."
  • In Tow with Spectra here.  Best handle ever.  The handle material is way better than any others.  It has really good grip, but isn't soft, so it wears much better.  I use the in tow ropes too, and they are great as well.
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    Masterline but going In Tow next time
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    Just bought my first handle, 13" straightline Mapple handle, 1.062 diameter
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    I have been using one of these for over a year now - really happy with how it has held up.

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    I am not sure if Tadd still has them, but H2oz had 12 and 13 inch .940 ARS for 35.00...cant beat that.
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