34 mph slump

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Last year my boy (15) got through 34mph 15 off and opted to stay at 34 getting 2- 3 at 22 off. This year he took a break at the waste cross the wakes digger and since can't get through 34. He was on a Vapor Lithium and after the crash went back to an Alloy Senate. His thinking (so he says) easier to control. He doesn't get much practice, starts @28, runs through 32 consistently and at 34 once around #2 it's like he just gives up. He is not a big fan of any of my advise so we agreed to try ideas that you all might have. Should we go bak to Vapor? More free skiing at 34 or 36? We only have limited access to a public lake course.


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    It ain't the ski. All due respects, it's not that he can't he get through 34, it's that he doesn't want to bad enough. He still has a fear of it. Shoot, let him ski 22 off at 32 and 28 if he runs 22. It'll build up his confidence. He'll eventually get back to 34, but he's just afraid of it for now. Don't tell him anyone suggested it, just ask him if he'd like to try that approach.
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    First, the boy is smarter than I was when I was learning because he knows that OTF are not acceptable. He is much safer and much less likely to go OTF if he stays on edge white water to white water. Coming off edge is the danger zone. If he gets high sided out of the buoy such that maintaining an edge is not possible, bail.

    Because I dig it and like to post it when even remotely applicable, I offer the following video. Note how the kid is even on edge in the air. It is safer.

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    I think this is most likely a case of a kid in his own head. I find it hard to think that a relatively current ski would be the deciding factor at that point in his ski career. You could try having him switch back but I think in reality he may just need to get after it and decide that he isn't going to miss the pass anymore.
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    He is in his head. Try slowing him down to 30 mph and let him run down the line as far as he can. My son got a concussion a few years ago at 36 mph and we ran 30, 32 and 34 mph shortening the rope into 32 off at 34 then when he went back to 36 he ran right through 22 off which he had only run a couple of times.

    Make sure he has fun and it will come back.
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    gonna try that - I think he could go back to the vapor as well
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    I don't think the ski will have a real effect but psychologically it could make a difference. Funny how change can effect what goes on between the ears. Vapor will be better in the long run though so may as well.
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    I'd say get him free skiing and out of the course for a bit. Let him ski at 28 off and get more confidence at charging the smaller wake with speed and a better stacked position. Once he's feeling dialed in open water, he'll be begging to attack the course again.
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    Wake OTFs can come as a result of how one exits the turn. One preventative step is to make sure that the hips come around and move under the handle BEFORE loading the line. Another similar suggestion is to delay the grab of the free hand until the hip is at the handle. The basic idea is to ensure the hips are leading the finish of the turn. This will likely ensure that the hips are forward and stack is established. If he focuses on proper finish to the turn, his wake crossings will become more bullet proof. That will lead to confidence.
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    You could pinch him up by a 1/2 mph or so without him knowing, once he runs 34 again then you can say..... see it's not so bad. I've had a coach do that to me in the past and it worked.
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    15 off at 34mph is actually a hard pass to run compared to 32/22off. With ZBS its the same number of buoys
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    I just remember feeling like they skipped 3 or 4 speeds in between 32 and 34 and again between 34 and 36 when I was learning. Neither are easy to get your head around at first.
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