speed/line for bouys on jump skis

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Hello all,
Continued recovery from spiral tib/fib fracture. I'm told ahead of schedule but sure seems slow. In any event I rode the jumpers today with some very loose bindings...the first time I've been on jumpers since college other than a monster barefoot line where we all stepped out. Felt ok.

There is a course on our public lake...how fast and what line to run buoys on the jumpers knowing it will be a while yet before I can slalom? I weigh about 195...the jumpers are old school EP 72's.

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    I would start around 18 to 20 and go up from there
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    Excellent rehab/ recovery plan! Try 20mph long line and adjust if you need.

    Earlier in the spring my son ran 28 long line on his 84s so there's your target :D
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    You will learn a lot about slalom riding your jump skis. I would stay in the 20-22 long line neighborhood and work on technique. Going faster won't help your skiing and creates risk, which I assume you are trying to avoid.

    Another good jump ski drill is to start about 10 feet wide of the wake, lift your foot/ski closest to the wake, point the lifted ski and knee in the direction you want to go across the wake, and then cross the wake on one ski. Repeat back and forth from side to side. I like to alternate running the course and doing the wake crossing drill as I go back and forth in the course.

    I'm not a fan of loose binders. Loose = lack of control and lack of stability.
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    This is timely for me. I am almost ready to try getting up on my son's jumpers. Maybe next week. His are 84" so they should have plenty of support but may be hard to turn. I know he ran 24 mph long line a couple of years ago. Not sure he ever got to 28.
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    Long line
    We have a slalom slalom trick slalom jump slalom combined score competition several times a year. I can't get past 28mph, but the ex 150'+ jumpers all run 32mph. Mike Todd runs 34 and has run 36. It is a fun workout.
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    @lpskier loose bindings right now cuz I'm still fairly swollen on the damaged leg and the areas of plating/rods are not real fond of a tight binding squeeze. My foot is also not all that flexible yet having taken a beating so in/out of a snug binding isn't worth it.

    Just nice to be behind the boat again....and pretty sure with the guidance above I can run buoys on jumpers at low risk I can turn 'em and know how to leverage...jumped in college.

    Right now hoping for some fun on the water...some thought of a salvage season...until I can slalom again.

    Thanks for all of the advice thus far...trouble is I'm not sure I have a long-line rope...many of my ropes start at 28 off tho I found one tonight that goes out to 15 off...that was the one I skied open water today.
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