BWSW Lottery Fund Raising

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The BWSF Ltd Tournament Committee has started a fund raising initiative, Friends of Tournament (FoT), with the specific purpose of raising funds to support the Tournament Committee’s existing activities in terms of developing and promoting our Skiers and Tournament Skiing generally. The ‘200 Club’ is a fund raising Small Society Lottery run by BWSF Ltd’s Friends of Tournament. It is registered with the Runnymede Borough Council Licensing Authority through BWSF Ltd. The principle is that a member of FoT can purchase a number(s) within the Lottery, for £25 per month. Numbers 1 through to 200 will be made available. A monthly draw will be held and cash prizes will be given for the first three numbers drawn. 32.5% of the income will be distributed as prizes. (£19,500 if the Club is fully subscribed) It is anticipated that an annual Ball (or similar) will be held for participants. Find out more and sign up here:
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