Results of no kill switch lanyard...and too many IPA's

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    That was crazy
    Mark Shaffer
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    What just happened?
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    Reportedly a 20 year-old inebriated helmswoman with 9 passengers, all 10 ejected from the boat; not good.
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    It gets really crazy at 5:15.

    First, I pray everyone who was injured makes a full recovery. Second, I assume those are police or park rangers in the small boat with the outboard? What in the heck were they thinking getting that close in a small boat! They could have all been killed.
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    They should have grabbed one of those jetskis and went inside the circle to stop it. They could have easily been killed, and when it straightened out, anyone on the lake could have been killed.
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    @liquid d agree it's their job is to protect and serve. I am just saying, find a bigger boat to play John Wayne.
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    @liquid d was thinkn the same thing and a way better idea. But even that would take balls. If they did not make the jump to the boat, that person would now be on the inside of the circle...swimming.
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    The article says they were law enforcement and that they tossed a rope into the prop and then ultimately got on a jet ski and boarded once the boat slowed enough. Trying to jump onto that boat at full speed woul have been nuts.
    Chuck P
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    That was more then IPA. The good thing about IPA is that you are too full to drink enough to get that stupid.
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    The first time the boat hit the pier it straightened out for a second or two and went way wide before going back to a tight circle. Those guys in the outboard were sitting there watching when that happened. As it circled in and hit the pier a second time the small outboard was right where the boat had gone the previous time. Surprise! It went there again and they got hit. Lucky it was a glancing blow.
    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
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    At least it didn't have a "neutral rudder". Looks like it was loaded up pretty well!
    Keith Lindemulder
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    One of the local news stations identified the boat as Correct Craft Ski Nautique. Obviously wrong. It may be a Correct Craft, but it's a larger boat and must be a v-drive as it was circling clockwise. I don't know much about v-drives, but that boat is obviously not the same prop rotation as a Ski Nautique or it would circle counterclockwise. Now I say that assuming that nothing weird happened to the rudder or helm.
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    Yeah, clearly an air nautique.
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
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    looks like a sv211 to me.
    Toby Daff
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