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Vapor vs. Prophecy

brettmagbrettmag Posts: 31 Baller
Hi guys, I'm looking for a used Vapor or Prophecy. I'm currently on a 2008 F1 now and looking to upgrade to a 2013-2015 (due to attractive price point).

Can you please describe the differences between how these two skis feel/perform?


  • gt2003gt2003 Posts: 704 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Size? I've got a 68 inch, 2016 Alloy Vapor that I'm looking to sell. Ski only, no bindings. Used less than a season. I'm going to a less aggressive ski so I can slow things down and get through the course.
    2014 HO TX
    1996 Malibu Echelon
  • EricWEricW Posts: 28 Baller
    Have had both, the prophecy is super fast, always edge hunting, rides a little more towards the tail of the ski and takes some getting used to but fast once you figure it out. The Vapor is more mellow of a ski, way easier to use and more forgiving. Same bouy count on both so both very capable skis, on RADAR now.
  • brettmagbrettmag Posts: 31 Baller
    Thanks guys. I'm wondering if the prophecy would be more similar to what I'm on now but better, which is appealing.
  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 412 Crazy Baller
    Never skied a Vapor but I am on a 2014 Prophecy and I really like it after coming off a D3. I agree with Eric it rides a little low in the tail but after always blowing the tail on my D3 this feels way more stable at the finish of my turn.

    What size ski are you looking for?
  • brettmagbrettmag Posts: 31 Baller
    Just bought a 2013 Prophecy off SIA. Hope it's awesome! 67"
  • jjackkrashjjackkrash Posts: 473 Solid Baller
    I suspect you can get into a GT similar to a Vapor. The 18s should be coming out soon, making the 16s two years old.
  • adkh2oskieradkh2oskier Posts: 129 Baller
    @brettmag You should be very happy on the Prophecy. I went from an 08 F1 to a 2014 Prophecy and the transition was easy. Prophecy was much faster across the wake but very similar to the F1 in the turns.
  • brettmagbrettmag Posts: 31 Baller
    @adkh2oskier awesome! Can't wait to try it out later this week when it arrives. I need to find some new bindings. What kind are you using?
  • slowslow Posts: 313 Solid Baller
    I have a 67 orange one available
  • adkh2oskieradkh2oskier Posts: 129 Baller
    @brettmag Sorry I am not the best person to ask about bindings, I put the binding from my F1 right on to the Prophecy, an old Connelly Vision and a Connelly RTP. It is still usable but I know it won't last forever and I am leaning toward the Reflex. Everyone on it seems to like it and they all seem to think it would be a plus over the rubber. I am old school and my philosophy is "if it ain't broke don't fix it" . Although at some point I will be forced to, just not looking forward to the transition after rubber for 30+ yrs.
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