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I'm exploring an opportunity south of Minne  (Bloomington)...  Seem to recall you to be a resident expert....Wondering if I could get some insightfrom you about lake livin and slalom in the area.

 Thank you!


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    I live 1 hour south of the airport on a private lake with 6 homes on it and there are more lots FS. There are 4 private lake set ups within 1 hr of Minneapolis. There are lots of lakes to ski on with portables but we have lots of walleys up here also. I was on the best public water set up prior to moving to our lake but even then I had many days of waiting out jet skis and fisherman. To me it comes down to water time or driving time. I spend another 20 minutes on the road, but now I dont have to wait to ski, trailer a boat or wonder what the wind is doing on the course.

    I can point you in the direction you need to go.       
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    What you described sounds very similar to area I currently live in MI.  Need to be on the water before 6 am, otherwise forget it.   I will be sure to reach out to you for advise if this opportunity develops into something.  Can't believe I'm considering going back north.

     Thank you.


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    I am always here. Make sure to contact me. If you are in town checking on things, call me to ski.  
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    JAL - he forgot to mention - IT'S *%#ING COLD!!!  Those 4 private lakes within 1 hour of Minneapolis are actually private skating rinks 11 months out of the year!!
    Joe Darwin
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    Dont listen to JD. When he came up here last aug, he brought a cold front out of Alaska with him.  
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    It was rather funny to see JD all bundled up in a stocking hat,down parka and blankets while little kids played in the water in their swim suits! Should have asked for his man card!!!
    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    It cost a lot less to keep the beer cold up there. Boy what I would give for a week of 85 degree weather. Off to the Ridge hope the water is a little cooler over there.
    Mike Erb Cedar Ridge Canton Miss.
    Horton is my hero
  • MS -

    I was in Minneapolis/St Paul this week for work.  I've never been before.  It's a pretty cool town.  I was impressed (well, except for the metrodome and the vikings)  Lots to see and do.
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    You should have called.

    Next time bring your stick.

    I dont follow the Vikings unless they are winning.  The dome is great for them but not the Twins.
  • thanks for the offer, but it wasn't that kind of trip.  I was with the big dawgs and the trip didn't allow for any personal time.  If I can swing it next time, that would be awesome.  Thanks much!

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