Cale talks c-65, makes -39 tail look simple

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Ok, so I've been trying to avoid looking like a complete idiot by taking credit for any of the c-65 design, because what I contributed was soooooo small. But now I'm just gonna embrace looking like an idiot because I am basically beaming hearing Cale talk about coming screaming in and shutting right down, which was the ONLY thing I felt could be improved on an earlier model I had the privilege of testing. That "5.3" is the best ski I've skied on, so if the Adams have really combined all that ground-breaking speed and space generation with the ability to shut down at will ... well this is a very exciting time.
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    I was @ the Midwest regionals when Cale & Nate were in a runoff. Great conditions just a light wind.
    It was fun to see! I saw the 39.5 off @ 36 mph pass, it sure didn't look like that short of line such a smooth run.. When Cale turned 2 ball I thought to myself he is going to run this, no question about it..
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    @sunnydaysmn And that was on the "old" Denali! :)
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    I can't wait to see what Cale can do with this ski. @adamhcaldwell is certainly getting his dialed in:

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    That driver needs to get his sheet together so Adam can run that pass.
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    @9400 I see what you did there... :smile: Must be a blast working with him right now. Dramatic improvements for a lifelong hardcore skier at age 35 ... pretty cool.
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    Does Caldwell get to ski the Bu Open since he's hosting??? Or perhaps there are a hundred rules as to why that can't be? Or perhaps he'd rather not and just roll into the 34mph class?
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    Just in case anyone inferred otherwise: Caldwell's -41 attempt there is at 36 mph. And yes, he went inside 5, but watch it again and check out 1/2/3. Absolutely brilliant. He will run that soon.
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    @Than_Bogan Thanks for posting that, and your comments. Saturday was my 1st time out in the new c-65, open water 28 off @34mph. I was being pretty tentative, just trying to figure it out. It was also a bit windy out, so definitely not pushing it at all. Went out this morning with the wife for session 2, in very calm conditions, still open water. I gradually stopped pussy footing around, and quickly figured out that the faster I went into a turn, the better the ski responded! The best way to describe it is like a very good racecar with tons if downfirce, where speed into a turn gives more grip than going in slow. It's an amazing feeling, and I think Cale's and your comments helped make it click for me!
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    Anytime someone puts my thoughts and Cale's in the same sentence ... well that is a very good day for me!!

    The racecar comparison may be spot on, but I better let @AdamCord tackle that one. I've already hit my quota for looking foolish per thread.
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    Caldwell will definitely run 41 soon! Cale is skiing great as well! Oh, and so is Adam Cord! Hmmm.
    Jim Ross
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