Zero off install for 2009 MC Prostar 197

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I have a 2009 MC Prostar 197 that does not have Perfect Pass option that was available at the time. It has the basic cruise control toggle with the little + - buttons. I am trying to figure out if I can install Zero Off in the boat. Unfortunately, I'm getting mixed info from different sources. Hoping someone here can help me figure out once and for all what the deal is.

According to Zero Off website and their support rep it will support Zero Off plug and play. Pop the dash, plug in the "standard 3 event kit" and good to go.

However, according to MC when I emailed they said "We don't think so". They said they didn't think it had the right E-control ECM module in that year. Seriously that's what they told me, like the most un-definitive answer possible. Like I even sent my Hull ID and everything. How can they not know what the specs are on an 8 year old boat?

So does anyone out there know? The install looks super easy to do my self but I don't want to drop $1500 on a Zero off kit and find out I'm SOL after the fact. If you don't know is there an easy way for me to figure it out with out removing my dash panel?

Pictures encouraged! :)

If its more than plug and play but still doable can you provide guidance on what would be involved so maybe I can look into with my local Mechanic?


PS. sorry if this is a tired topic, I searched through all the old zero off threads I could find and had no luck.


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    Seems like step 1 would be to pull the model/serial off of the ecm
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    @jercrane : The engine marinizer may know the answer, use the engine serial number & as oldjeep noted, the ecm #'s.
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    OK thanks
    When I get back up to the lake tonight I'll take a peak. If I post the numbers here would someone on here know how to figure out the answer from there or is there some other resource I need to go to?
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    According to ZO it just needs to be a 2007 or newer eControls drive by wire ECM. So it sounds like that as long as the ECM says eControls on it that you should be good (although I'd check the date code on it too)

    Compatibility Note: Zero Off control systems are only compatible with model year 2007 or newer boats which utilize an EControls drive-by-wire engine control unit. Please refer to your boat's manual for more information
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
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    2009 SHOULD be ok because it was the year that they forced PP out of the OEM segment -

    This thread post 6 is maybe the most comprehensive run down I have ever seen.

    In 2009 unless you have a VDIG system - the PP cruise being in it I find confusing but perhaps was not covered under this system.
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    If it is fuel injection and has an e-control ecm ZO can be installed. Look at the ecm behind the motor above the transmission. Should say e-controls. If not you can still probably put ZO on by putting a e-control ecm on it. Where are you located?
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    Gregy I am in NE. Live in MA and have lake house in NH where the boat is. I only have access to my boat on the weekends when I go up to NH. I am headed up this morning and will take a look at the ECM. Will post update when I have it. Thanks
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    Ok so does this mean I am golden?

    Next question assuming I am good to go here. Which zero off kit do I want to order? Standard 3 event or standard wakeboard?

    I basically only slalom and don't get into a course more than a couple times a month unfortunately. Really all I need is the speed control. I'll never drive for trick or jump. So is the wake board kit going to be fine for me or should I just suck it up and get the 3 event for another $300?
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    You definitely want the 3-event version - even if just for slalom.
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    Suck it up buyers of your boat will be skiers more than rec boaters on resale.
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    May want to hurry up and order it , so you get by Fourth of July 2018 ! Lol
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    I think this kit may work for you. And you don't have to wait. Zero off kit

    If you going to order a current kit check with this guy. Inboardfix

  • jercranejercrane Posts: 34 Baller
    Thanks gregy. I think ideally I'd like to get the single antenna version. I'll check with inboardfix. Thanks
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