Ran my first -30 yesterday.

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The masterline 'progressor' rope has aided in allowing me to get to -28 via the -25 loop which is where I start now. -25 is a lot closer to -28 than -22 in terms of the whip and where the edge change happens but it's not as punishing as -28 can be for a guy like me who has only been running the course for 5 years now.

A few weeks ago I started coming off the dock at -25 and so last Weds after running two -28's in a row I opted to try the -30 loop on my progressor line. First try ever I made it around 5 ball and had a big slack hit coming so I opted to save my back for another day. Sunday (yesterday) was the next ski day. First set I could not run -28 so was happy to make three -25's. Second set I made two -25's in a row then two -28 and figured it was time to try -30 again. Fell first attempt and the next try I nailed it!

My observation and feedback from the boat is when done correctly the shorter line lengths are easier to ski. Longer line length do cover a multitude of 'sins' but they also allow for more time and space to goof things up. Have you all noticed that as you dialed in -28 and shorter finally ditching -22?

I know it's not a tournament line length, but I am not a tournament skier.
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    "When done correctly the shorter line lengths are easier to ski". Well I guess that's my problem. I've been trying to ski shorter line lengths incorrectly. Just joking around! But most all of us start doing things incorrectly as the line gets shorter.
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    This progressor rope sounds very interesting. Does it have a loop between 15 and 22 as well. I run 32 mph -15 quite regularly and I almost never miss 30 mph -15. The other day I tried -22 for a couple passes at just 30 mph. Holy crap!!!! That 7 feet of rope made a huge difference!! If there was an intermediate step, I might enjoy trying that out.
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    @escmanaze I'm not familiar with the progressor rope but I do know that intow lines are made to order for about 85 plus shipping and include one extra training loop where ever you would like it. I have a mainline with a 25' off loop.

    Link to InTow
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    Yep, have an "in-tow" with a bunch of mid loops. They are fun. I love the 33.5 line off very 35'ey but more relaxing. Ski partner runs the mid between 22 and 28 as well as between 28 and 32. Good stuff.
    Smaller jump, gets you the feel of the next line without as much punishment or frustration and certainly adds to that thing we call "fun".
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    @cragginshred -28 most certainly is a tournament line length! Actually any line length is but -28 definitely is. Literally about mid-pack for M3-M5 national ranking, 84 buoys. Not a Nationals tourny contending score, but a nice score none the less. Better than about half the tourny skiers out there (real ones, not internet), qualifies for West Regionals. Nice skiing. It's ski year 2018, just started, go to a couple local C's!
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    When skiing my normal level I was 60-70% running 32 and in a tournament if 3 rounds was frequently into 35 in 2 of them. I still start at 22 off and try to ski it as perfectly as I can. That said if you aren't skiing tournaments and can run your 25 off 90% of the time go ahead and drop 22 if you want. Personally I think there are still things to be learned at 22 off if you focus when skiing the pass.
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    So what is the consensus on the mid-loops? If you run a 30-off loop does it help you learn 32 faster? Does it make you a better skier at 28? Or is it just another line length that's more within reach than 32 so it keeps things fun?
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    I've been thinking about one of those ropes or just making an extension. I can run 28off now most of the time. But 32off, I haven't gotten past 4 ball.
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    I honestly forgot about my ski partners rope with the mid loops. I've been running my -28s and -32 is kicking my butt, early in the pass. I'm going to grab that line and take a shot at the -30. I've been told the mid loops help, as you are asking @skispray. @escmanaze I've seen mid loops at -18 or -19. Masterline makes the progressor line we have with extra loops all the way through -33.5, if not shorter. I'll look tomorrow.
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    personally i think the trick for practice is to skip the line length just *below* your mid loop. So if you have a -30 loop you ski up the rope thus: -22, -30, -32 etc. if you're using a 33.5 loop you ski -22, -28, -33.5, -35. that way you aren't skiing an extra loop, you're just making the pass before your ' wanna make ' a bit tougher, which makes your ' wanna make ' a much smaller step up.
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    Whatever works for each of you but I will say the -19 eased me into -22 without a doubt.
    Similarly -25 allowed me to ease into -28 without the -6' length jump. I have no doubt -30 will do the same toward the goal of -32.

    I agree at -22 you can learn things, but you can also forget how to run the vastly different -28 if you spend too much time there. Additionally you can reinforce a bunch of bad technique and still run a -22 where at -25 and shorter you will go flat and fast into the balls if you don't get stacked and the early edge change needed to run the pass.

    @escmanaze just look for 'Masterline progressor' line. I got mine from Joe Darwin from cottonwood lakes La. for a great price. There is a -19 loop that will ease you out of the -15 and closer to -22 for sure!

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    Or if you are cheap/don't need a new rope you can always take the rope apart and build it out of order with the segments that are there anyway - you pay for all those loops you aren't using when decent quality mainlines.

    On all of our free skiing rope I put the short loops up at the front, you keep the same overall rope length, you just have 15' then a bunch of .5 meter increments - or split them between the 15' 22' 28' lengths and have mid step jumps in each case.
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    @6balls your exactly right! I did not see the video but I guess MB was interviewing Nate last weekend asking for one key tip for skiers,.. Nate shrugs and says 'I dunno -try to keep it FUN'!
    This is also why I rock climb, mt bike and am an avid lead guitarists in two bands. It's nice to not have skiing or any one activity and it's success's or failures dictate my happiness or state of mind.
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    @cragginshred - skiing doesn't dictate your happiness or state of mind? Oh, just you wait, mate.
    "...all of the basic fun banter"
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    So whacky...I have a brother other than @razorskier1 (ok I've got 5 of them) but this particular one is 6 ft 7'' tall. We all grew up skiing together he was late to the buoys and never any consistent time.
    He's been toiling away at 32 and 34 mph 15 off for a while now...sometimes taking some rib diggers etc.
    He got an "in" at a private lake recently and a little more water time. He starts nailing 34/15, then texts a few days ago that he ran 22 for the first time ever. He then texts the next day that he ran it again no fluke. The next day he texts that he ran 28 off! He then texts that he ran it again no fluke! Crazy.
    There is one thing for sure...that guy is having FUN skiing right now.
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    @6balls didn't make it up.... I'm new to Ball Of Spray and wouldn't have believed it was possible. On July 31 I sent an email to my brothers @6balls and @Razorskier1 telling them that I was gonna retire my ski at end of this year after 3.5 years of struggling at 32/15. The following weekend I ran 32/22, and started making hem with ease. My first complete 32/28 only took 4 tries.

    I spent significant time over the winter comparing my videos to pro videos (Seth Stisher running 32/15) and could see my issues. I fumbled around all summer until I got the fundamentals lined up, then took off.

    I think I'll be skiing again next summer!

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    @Sasquatch I was struggling at 15 off for years. Now I'm stuck it 32off. I did a thread here explaining my Frustrations and Success.
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