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NLU or ULM Ski team 40 Year Reunion November 3-5, 2017

wilylewilyle Posts: 14 Baller

Celebrating 40 years of Fun-Friendships-Shenanigan s- and (oh yeah) Skiing!!  Join us for a reunion of all ski teams, Nov. 3 - 5, 2017 in Monroe.
Make hotel reservations at the Marriott's Courtyard, Pecanland Mall, 318.388.0034, rooms are blocked for NLU /ULM Water Ski Team copy and paste the following link to reserve online: meeting-event-hotels/ group-corporate-travel/ groupCorp.mi?resLinkData=NL U-ULM+Ski+Alumni%5Emlucy%6 0WSAWSAQ%7CWSAWSAK%60109.0 0%60USD%60false%604%6011%2 F3%2F17%6011%2F5%2F17%6010 %2F13%2F17&app=resvlink&st op_mobi=yes

Everyone part of the team over the years need to come!


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