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I don't post on BOS very often but do read a few threads now and then, just read some threads about the great customer service others have had with Radar and wanted to report my experience.

I bought some 2015 Vapor boots in September of 2015 from my local dealer who I like. In the summer of 2016 they were starting to rip (see attached picture) so I took them into my local dealer in August under the one year warranty time frame, they took some pictures and said they would see what they could do. It was near the end of the season and I never heard back and forgot about it. This spring I started skiing again and realized I never heard from my dealer, went back in and they said the person I dealt with last year was not longer with them but they took some more pictures and said they would see what they could do. Again no word from my dealer so just last week I emailed Radar my story and you can read the attached response. The reason they give is they can't find any record of a claim that was ever filed or proof of purchase. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff from this dealer who I really like, not sure why they can't find proof of purchase.

Not sure what to do as this point? Suggestions?



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    Not sure if this will help, but for a start I would try to find the credit card statement for September 2016 that would show you purchased something that would approximate the cost of the bindings. You may be able to find the statement online at the credit card company's website. Then go back to the dealer to see if they would look through their records for a sales invoice, or they might be willing to verify to Radar that you purchased the bindings on that date. Worth a try at least.
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    I'm sure my local dealer has the purchase record...not sure if Radar ever really called my dealer and tried to look it up because if they did I'm almost 100% sure they would find it.
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    If you are so sure that dealer can look it up then why didn't they do it when you talked to them?

    Sounds like you talked to them twice and twice they did not follow through.
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    And it sounds like another trip to the dealer with Radar's response in hand.
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    I will contact the dealer after the Holiday and verify they have my sale in their system and go from there.
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    Even though that boot is a few years old it still looks like a problem we would warranty. The dealer should be able to come up with something to help you out - after all, they did take your money.
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    Man I zoomed in they look dry and cracked up .I've been on them for years never seen them do that although my 15 did pull out down the seam.got a new 17 now I've noticed the heel rubber much thinner on the vapors compared to rs1 .
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    My proof of purchase.

    As you can see the purchase is in my local dealers system. When the Radar warranty dept says they have been in contact with the dealer in my behalf and can't start a warranty claim without proof of purchase I have a problem when it is clearly in the system.

    @Brooks @eddie_roberts_jr what are you suggestions now? The dealer is not taking care of me.


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    @mjnelson will you send me an email? Brooks@squareoneco.com?
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    E-mail sent from mikemoveit@gmail.com to brooks@squareoneco.com

    Thanks for the quick response!
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    @brooks took care of me promptly...nothing but radar love
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    @brooks is the man!
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    Still frustrated, the radar warranty dept offer is for me to pay $400 for new boots. $400 for new Vapor boots is a great deal but not how a warranty works, the defective item should be replaced/fixed. I'm the original owner of the boots with a receipt, my ski partner has the exact same boots that get used more and his don't have the problem with the rear rubber falling apart. The Radar warranty dept does not get a high marks from me, guess I'm not in the "club" of people that Radar will take care of.
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    Wow, not what I have come to expect from Radar which has been so good to so many loyal customers...
    - President of the Utah Water Ski Club
    - USI Tech pays for my water ski addiction
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    Sounds pretty good to me I challenge anyone to bring an item back 1 year out of warranty tell them u forgot for a year and they will probably laugh at u
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    $400 is a great deal on new boots.

    Don't know if this example applies??...my ski buddy and I both purchased dry suits at the same time. My seals are still good and his are trashed and needed replacement. I knew he wasn't telling me something when I asked a few questions...turns out he confessed a while later that he had left his dry suit stored near the furnace over winter causing the seals to dry out and crack.

    Radar has responded very favourably to all reasonable requests for warranty service in all the examples I have read on this site. Sorry to hear yours was not one of them.
    Keep riding Radar. They are a great company and an awesome group of guys that love what they do!
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    I agree @spicoli that what Radar is offering is a great deal for boots that are one year out of warranty but my boots failed within the first year and were still in warranty when I first took them back to my local dealer. I tried several times to deal with my local dealer first which is what Radar recommends, I'm just now turning directly to Radar after my local dealer did not take care of me.

    Just noticed that my new post did not push this thread back to the top @Horton, any reason why?
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    Could it be damaged due to storage conditions, caused by ozon?
    (Type stored in the same room as an electric engine)??
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    in the bosses office of a company i worked for years ago there was a framed enlarged copy of a cartoon that showed a angry woman standing at the complaint counter of a large store and the clerk was asking her ' what if we refund your money, take back the old one, give you a new one, and have the salesman shot -would *that* be satisfactory? '

    its a time honored tenet in manufacturing and retail that you can not please everyone no matter how hard you try. from what i can see radar has consistently tried pretty hard over the years and done a pretty good job of hitting the mark.
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    Pandanoia ?
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    The ski/boots are stored in my garage when not in use.

    My Vapor boots failed in less than a year and were taken into my local dealer, local dealer did not take care of me. Radar won't warranty them, wants me to buy new ones, that is not how a warranty works.
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