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Boat lift with boat cover

jordanhjordanh Posts: 21 Baller
Hey guys. Long time lurker and finally made an account. I have a few questions about getting my boat on a lift. I have a 95 sport nautique. I've found some nice shore station lifts (4000lb, 120" width) without a canopy. I feel this would be the best route beings I have a tower. How many of you guys run your
Boat on a lift with just a cover? I have a really
Nice Angola cover. It tightens up under the swim platform. Any
Ideas to install it without getting wet? Thinking I may have to modify the cover and run the draw cord to the dock side of the cover.

One last thing. I currently have my camper at a resort. I rent a dock spot that I leave my boat at on the weekends when I am there. Otherwise I trailer it and park it behind the lodge. My current spot is not lift friendly. The only end spot they have on a dock is the dock that borders the swim area. I'm nervous about the high traffic of kids and things on that dock. Am I being paranoid?


  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 2,861 Mega Baller
    As in people will mess w your boat?
  • dbskidbski Posts: 223 Crazy Baller
    One thing you have to take in consideration is that lift cables break. If the lift is next to a swim area kids being kids they are going to hang on and play around it. Odds of it happening are pretty slim, but if cable breaks and your boat flattens a kid, not good!
    Rick Bohn
  • jordanhjordanh Posts: 21 Baller
    Hard to explain. There are two 80ft docks that border the swim area on each side. Then there is a rope with buoys that connects the end of each dock so the swim area is enclosed on all the sides excluding the beach. One side of the dock is unused as far as boats are concerned beings gnat would be inside the swim area. The opposite side of the dock has always been used for jet ski lifts. Beings he lengthened the dock
    Recently there is extra room at the end. That's where I will be. I'm more
    Concerned about kids throwing rocks, sand, toys, etc in the swim area. I wont act like I wasnt a child before haha Again, prob making an issue out of nothing. I know it's not a 2017 200, but still.
  • harddockharddock Posts: 141 Baller
    I have a Floe with a canopy. I have a SN200 with tower. I can get boat out of water and clear tower and with a quick flip of the tower I can max out the height of boat on lift thus eliminating the need to cover!
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