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NRG, Denali, or Rev 6?

I'm on a 67" 2015 Quest 45 right now. I bought it late summer 2015. I ski a lot, 5-6 days/week so this ski may have over 500 sets on it. I noticed it is chipped/frayed toward the tip. This is my 3rd full summer in the course & I'm really happy to say I'm closing in on -28 at 34mph (running -22 pretty much every time and my training loop half the time if good water). Haven't run -28 yet, it's very different for me (my gate, how I pull, the feel of the wake), but today I got to 4 ball & I'm beginning to taste it. You guys have been a big help on a lot of stuff for me in the past so here's another- I've been reading on the forum that most of you guys buy a new ski every year, and there's been a lot of love for the Denali & NRG (however, most of you guys are much better than me). Do I stay with my current Quest 45? Buy a new Quest 45? Buy the NRG or Denali or a Rev 6 (recommended by one of the guys I ski with)? Or spend the $ to do the demo programs? I'm 6'1" 175lbs. Advice please...


  • gregygregy Posts: 2,452 Mega Baller
    I'm about the same weight and height as you. I've been on a 2015 and 2016 Lithium Vapors, both 67". I really like both of them and 2016 has gotten me deep into 32off and for budget issues I'll stick with it for a while longer. Right now the skis that are peaking my interest are 2018 Vapor, Denali, and the new KD ski. If your interested in sticking with D3 the NRG has some comparisons with the ARC. I'd try some other skis if it were me some of the newer skis will be a little easier on the body especially for as much as you ski.
  • DanEDanE Posts: 823 Crazy Baller
    I wouldn't rule out the D3 ARC
  • sunvalleylawsunvalleylaw Posts: 1,230 Mega Baller
    edited September 2017
    Read @SkiJay 's comparison of the NRG and ARC. It is illuminating. I also spoke to Paul at D3. The NRG is not a replacement for the ARC/ARC-S. It is a different ski. I looked into it, just because I wanted to see what the next thing was. I am sticking with my ARC for what I am trying to do with my skiing. I am a stong freeskier, and a little behind you in course skiing.

    SkiJay's ARC/NRG comparison
  • Buoyhead69Buoyhead69 Posts: 73 Baller
    Thank you. I've thought about the ARC. The NRG has gotten so much attention I kind of forgot about the ARC. I'm hesitant to deviate too much from the Quest, I skied on a Strada before I bought the Quest & I felt the Quest was quieter and more stable into the ball. That was a long time ago, though, maybe I should re-visit the Vapor. A guy on our lake runs -35 with a Vapor.
  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,250 Crazy Baller
    You can't go wrong with the D3 promo program. They'll send you an ARC and a NRG. Send one back. Send both back and it costs you $70. At least that's the way their pgm used to be. Hard to beat.
    Leon Leonard Stillwater Lake KY - SR Driver SR Judge
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,041 Mega Baller
    I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I don't think I'd recommend the Denali... yet! -28 is a different animal, and after you master those skills, I think the Denali should be near the top of your list. In the meantime, you may progress faster with the D3.
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • skialexskialex Posts: 731 Crazy Baller
    Difficult not to get biased answers, So my biased suggestion is not rule out the Rev6 or even the XTR, I ride the XT and rode the Rev 6, very impressed by both, I can not walk away from my Xt after 5 seasons and about 600 sets give or take.
    I ve tried the ARC, T3,and a Denali also impressed by all, I would like to try the new Pro build and the Syndicate Pro, but for me it's difficult to step away from Goode skis.
    You wouldn't go wrong with any new D3 though.
  • PurdueSkierPurdueSkier Posts: 152 Baller
    500 sets on a ski might be a lot i don't know and there are always advancements in technology and design. If you want a new ski go buy one. New toys are always fun. But don't think that you have to have a new ski to turn more buoys. I think it is a stretch to say most people buy a new ski every year. I am sure some do but if you go to a local tournament you see all ages of skis. 500 sets at 22 and 28 off is a lot different than 500 sets at 38 and 39. Your ski is most likely not what's keeping you from running 28. Again if you want a new ski go get one and enjoy. Just don't do it because you think it is required to run the next pass.
  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 788 Crazy Baller
    The Quest is still a damn good ski. I regret selling my original 2013 model. It's really going to be one of those timeless models that goes down in history as one of the all time greats. If you're trying to get -28 a new ski is not the answer so you may be asking the wrong question. If I were you I'd be asking what I could do in my move-out, glide, and turn-in to get 28.
  • Buoyhead69Buoyhead69 Posts: 73 Baller
    I'm definitely not under any illusion that a new ski is the answer to me running -28. My gate, pull, position through the wakes (among other things) is the key to me progressing. And yes I love my Quest. Now sunvalleylaw has made me aware of & my head has calipers dancing inside; I've never thought I was good enough to worry about fin settings. The main thing is the cracking and fraying at the tip of my Quest & if that's something indicative of other issues with the ski? Every post above is awesome, if I do pull the trigger on a ski I want everyone's opinion. And I am a little shocked ThanBogen that you didn't say buy the Denali, score one for your objectivity/credibility!
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,041 Mega Baller
    Thanks. But also read @Horton's very insightful review again. He makes it pretty clear that you should be pretty handy with a caliper before getting a Denali.

    Believe me, when the time is right, I will recommend one in the strongest terms!
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • sunvalleylawsunvalleylaw Posts: 1,230 Mega Baller
    edited September 2017
    @Buoyhead69 , Yeah, I just got turned on to that blog reading the ski comparison, that Horton posted on Facebook this morning. Though I knew about SkiJay before, and about fin whispering. But also read a couple of the other blog entries. One discusses when to make fin adjustments, etc. It posits that for longer liners, stock, or pretty close to stock setting from a good reputable source, is better than tweaking too much. Or so I read it to say. I am getting the book, but more to learn than to tweak too much from stock. I want to make clear that I do NOT feel qualified to recommend any specific ski, settings, binding, etc. to anyone. Just talking about my process and info I found (including the FinWhispering blog) here. That said, I think if you demo a NRG, you should also demo an ARC.

    You are getting into 28 off, (which is also my goal, btw), and so your needs are changing. So your path might be different. I am using my calipers and wing gauges to make sure I am stock, and without some coaching input or input from SkiJay (you can send him some film for review), I don't plan on moving things too much from stock. But again, I am behind you in the course, and chasing you from there. The good news is it is all fun to learn about and play with. :)

    I am interested to see what you choose. I, myself for me personally, believe most in trying skis and going with feel. What feels best. Along with what helps you get more balls, but to me that is likely to also feel best. I am looking forward to seeing what ski you think is best for your next steps. And also tracking your progress into completing 28. Keep us posted!
  • BoozeBooze Posts: 323 Baller
    @Buoyhead69 - I've ridden a ton of skis in the last 2 years. None of them were "bad", but all had their own personality. (like women? ha) There were a couple that many people rave about, that I didn't go for.
    I agree with the common opinion that there are fast skis and sticky skis, and that each style or design has advantages and disadvantages. Likely, the challenge for designers is finding the right blend of both characteristics?

    My opinion is the only way to know if you will like a ski is to demo it.

    My list from last ~2 years:
    XTR (in different sizes)
    Rev6 (in different sizes)
    XTM (in different sizes)
    GT ('16, '17, and '18)
    Denali ('16 and waiting on the new one)
    Vapor ('16 and '18)
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,041 Mega Baller
    @Booze That's more skis than I've been on my entire life. What were you looking for? Just knowledge?

    (And how can you get anyone to send you a ski if you're 90% likely to return it? :smile: )
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • DWDW Posts: 1,834 Crazy Baller
    @Buoyhead69 : As said before, try before you buy. Consider what you will do (or lose) if you purchase a ski and realize you don't like it for whatever reason. Demo programs are there just so a customer does not make a mistake as much as a selling tool for the manufacturer. Good luck.
  • BoozeBooze Posts: 323 Baller
    @Than_Bogan - I love trying new skis, for fun and yeah, for knowledge and possibly helping confirm the current or go-to ski is the right one. Friends joke I have commitment issues.
    Also, a few on that list are one-time rides. Skis being demo'd by friends, etc. (T1, Arc, NRG, GT, '18 Vapor at Nats) Yes, not full demos but nevertheless fun and useful.

    Actually of those demo'd I haven't send many back. SIA and skier friends are an awesome thing to have. :)

  • DWDW Posts: 1,834 Crazy Baller
    edited September 2017
    @Booze : You would be an awesome older brother! What an assortment of hand me downs...
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,038 Mega Baller
    I ran my first -28 on a Quest 45. Nothing wrong with the ski, except the performance window, FOR ME, felt smaller than the 16-17 shape Vapor. So, FOR ME, I went with a ski that I could get away with a little more bad skiing, and run my passes. It sounds like you're thinking the ski is in physically bad shape, more than looking for a ski that makes you run a shorter pass. And that's good, because none will.
    I know nothing about the NRG, but I've got a lot of rides in on the Arc too, so if you want to stick with a D3, it's a familiar feel, but more user friendly.
    My biased opinion, get a 16-17 Vapor, or go wild and get an 18. Pro Build or Lithium
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,621 Mega Baller
    It is certainly easy enough to try an ARC and NRG through D3. I would certainly think about that as a first step.
    Mark Shaffer
  • dbskidbski Posts: 218 Crazy Baller
    @booze no DBski? You have everything else!
    Rick Bohn
  • BoozeBooze Posts: 323 Baller
    @dbski - Not yet. But I at least have one of your clipboards! :wink:
  • jayskijayski Posts: 610 Crazy Baller
    edited September 2017
    I will second @Than_Bogan and his statement on the Denali, I have one and love it, but if you are not proficient with calipers or have someone willing to aid in that department it's not for you...takes a bit to get it set up but when you's $$$
  • spicolispicoli Posts: 121 Baller
    Before a new 1 I would try some fin adjustments stock isn't 4 everyone I still don't think you can ski to your or its potential if the fin ain't right you'll always struggle .1 small move and you and your d3 might eat 28 up and If not you can always move it back to were u are now.i can stuggle with space and t week it a little and wow way easier
  • WishWish Posts: 7,296 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited September 2017
    Buy @SkiJay Fin Whisperer, calipers and the Denali...or just hit the boys up on the Danali Forum. They will dial you in if you just own calipers. :)
    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
  • Buoyhead69Buoyhead69 Posts: 73 Baller
    You guys are bringing it with great advice & amazing insight. So today I got around 5 ball at -28, I was early to 4 got into good position & (in the words of my driver) started patting myself on the back too soon & got too much slack at 5 to see 6 ball- I really thought I'd run it when I turned around 4. So this does make me feel my Quest can get me there. I love spicoli's advice, I've been on jayski's site a bunch last night. Do I buy the book or just spend the $ on the Mentorship Package? Have any of you guys done the Mentorship Package? What do you think jayski? And I love Wish's idea of going nuts & buying a Denali & calipers, how fun would that be? The prudent thing (Chef23) would be to demo an ARC and NRG, what a phenomenal demo program from D3. And yeah Booze you're right I'm sure they're all good skis at that level/price point, each with they're own personality and yes I agree you're commitment-phobic lol. So much good insight, I'm trying to process it, thanks so much. Ever hear of paralysis by analysis?
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,041 Mega Baller
    If you think getting your first caliper and jumping on a Denali with
    .. er .. both feet sounds FUN, then I completely change my recommendation. You'll be drinking from a firehose, but you'll learn a ton in a hurry!
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • MickeyThompsonMickeyThompson Posts: 128 Baller
    @Buoyhead69 I have a 2017 67" ARC for sale SIA43565 $999.00 shipped. Excellent condition used 4 weeks. If interested let me know.
  • Buoyhead69Buoyhead69 Posts: 73 Baller
    Thanks everyone for the feedback, after all the good advice I did... nothing. But ski more & work on my position & gate & width. So... I'm now running my 34mph -28 which I'm unbelievably happy about. Now trying to get around 3 ball at -32 (why is this so addictive, I though -28 would be the holy grail! Now I want -32!) I'm still on my 2015 Quest 45, getting used to -32 & the load, gate, wake, etc. I looked at my Quest; 3 small cracks at tip and 2 digs in the ski, 1 at rocker block & one near my RTP, both on my offside edge. I love this ski I'll never sell it, but are these signs that the ski is breaking down? Obviously it's not bad, I got my -28. As @PurdueSkier said it would be fun to have a new toy but at this point is that all a new ski would really be?
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,041 Mega Baller
    Well, I take full credit for motivating you!
    And now I can whole heartedly recommend the c-65! :)

    But seriously, congratulations! -28 is a big deal.
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • Buoyhead69Buoyhead69 Posts: 73 Baller
    Thanks @Than_Bogan I always appreciate your comments on any topic you always have good stuff & a sense of humor. Actually, a guy who skis with a bunch of guys on my lake is selling his almost new Denali c65... hmmm... do I have that kind of $ burning a hole in my pocket???
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