Crazy Zero Off Touch Screen

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I took my 2015 Mastercraft Prostar out on open water today to pull friends free skiing and air chairing. After a while the ZO screen started going off and on at will. The timer window also started popping up on the screen. The screen was very warm to the touch and trying to switch speeds or switch to trick mode also didn't work. I finally outsmarted the unit by increasing the slalom speed up to 36 so I could continue pulling kids at speeds lower than 36 so it wouldn't engage. The On/Off button kept going off and on. Later in evening I went back down to dock and started the boat and it seemed to be OK. Boat has 160 hours on it. Any ideas out there....HELP!?


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    Should be under warranty. I was talking to a E-control engineer he was saying those screens are on the low end for quality. You could try disconnecting power from the battery and see if resets.
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    yep, had similar issues with our original screen on our 2015 ProStar. Had it replaced under warranty.
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    Had the exact problem on my 14 Prostar. Turns out I had a bad connection on the battery ground terminal and the battery in my boat didn't have the required cold cranking amps. Installed correct battery size with good clean connections which solved the problem plus my big 6.2 seems to start much easier now! The dealer said bad ground connection is the main issue they see in relation to the screen problem. The screen can go bad as well but that wasn't the case for our boat.
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    Incorrect cold,cranking amps? Did it have 13 or so volts? Voltage is all the screen would know.
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    Main problem was the lose ground cable @LeonL
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    This issue has not been solved. I checked with the dealer (whom I have a good relationship with) and they are now waiting until spring thaw to put the boat in the water and test themselves. (They have several videos that I provided) They say they can't find/don't know who to contact for the issue. Anyone out there know of a Zero Off guru in the Midwest area?
  • @OldGuysRule if you have provided video evidence of the screen glitching that is all your dealer should need to warranty the screen and get you a replacement. They will have to submit for pre-approval due to the cost of the screen but should be easy normal warranty claim like any other part on the boat. I had the same issue on a former promo 2015 last year and it was taken care of within two weeks.
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    We just got a 2016 for our club. I hope all is better with the 16s. Need to make sure to pay warranty transfer.
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    Agree with @Chris Eller . If you have a video of it happening that's good enough....especially if this is a systemic issue. Common sense should prevail here.
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    Finally! I contacted Eric Carmen at Enovation Controls in Tulsa, Oklahoma about my touch screen issues. He gave on opinion diagnosing my problem as "false touches" causing the screen to go off and on while driving down the lake. My local Mastercraft dealer in turn contacted the factory with this opinion and a new screen was ordered and installed within the week. Mucho thanks to Eric Carmen! (Good thing it was under warranty as the cost for labor and materials was $4,400!!! ) My baby is now home ready to launch and put to test tomorrow.
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    That's going to be a tough pill to swallow when it's out of warranty.
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