Selling a boat with high hours

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We just upgraded to a newer boat a few weeks ago and have our 1998 SN up for sale, 2,100 hrs, interior needs skins and the gelcoat is faded. Boat was mechanically well maintained, runs good and has ZBox. Currently listed at $8,900. I have only received a couple inquires and nothing serious. I know this time of year can be slow for selling but I am just trying to get a pulse on the market, am I pricing it reasonably?


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    I had 1999 in great shape with 1800 hours. i was asking around $9999. No action. Trade it in for less. This was last spring. I think your gonna have a hard time since its faded and needs skins on top of high hours.
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    @bojans I have 2 different ski friends that just sold their newer boats (Sept). My 2012 Prostar has been listed for over a month. Few tire kickers, but hasn't sold. Info for selling something with higher hours- My 2016 Ram truck has 34000 miles which equates to 1100 Hrs on it's hour meter. McGinnis Ski school had a CC 200 with 6000 Hrs on it (sold and now has new boat). Skied perfectly well. Lots of buyers get freaked by higher hours, but the info provided proves that these engines are built to last for a long time under heavy use. Best of luck.
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    $8900 is a lot of money. I recently paid $9999 for a 95 Prostar with 390 hours. It was pristine and needed nothing except Perfect Pass. (I also recognize I may have stolen it) I know Nautiques are phenomenal and have great reputations but your price might be high given that most buyers might think they would be putting an immediate couple thousand into the boat.
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    Sounds pretty high considering you are saying it needs 5K worth of upholstery, a full wet sand and compound and potentially a 4K engine replacement before too long. Your market is small, a guy who just wants a boat, doesn't care what it looks like and is willing to take the risk on an obsolete engine that many would consider to be near the end of life.

    Might be worth taking the time to get the outside looking nice - as that is pretty inexpensive as a DIY project.
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    @bojans truck hours != boat hours. How much time does your truck spend over 4000 RPM? FWIW my 160,000 mile ram has just under 4000 hours on it
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    And not to be harsh, but maybe wipe the cobwebs and the dirt off the gauges before taking for sale pictures.

    The boat
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
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    @bojans I think $8900 is priced pretty well. If a buyer cares about having a good hull with a strong engine for under 10k the 97+ Nautique is one of the best deals around. who cares about upholstery or faded gelcoat... I think it's just a bad time of the year to sell a boat otherwise you would have low ball offers at least.
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    You are likely overshooting on price by a little bit and the needed cosmetic work is probably scaring a few people away. If you are willing to replace the skins and do some exterior work over the winter months you might find more bites in the spring.
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    If you have it over winter give it a fresh polish and get a quote for minor interior repairs - can show the quote to buyers and let them take some off you for it.
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    If you have well documented maintenance logs to show it was cared for that should lessen the concern on the high hours.
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    All around tough sell as it sits, including the time of year. I completely agree that you'd be further ahead using the winter to buff it out, and perhaps swap some skins. A set from will run you between $2-2.5k, depending how many you need. Maybe less if the coaming pads are ok? Of course, even then it could be tough getting close to $9k with 2,100 hours.
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    @bojans : fall sale might be to someone who wants a winter project & low price to compensate for labor needed. DIY the cosmetics for the spring demand season, but expect your competition to offer pristine options. You are in the buyers market phase now, spring becomes the sellers opportunity.
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    Just picked up a 99 for $3500.00 if that means anything!
    The problem is dumping $2-$3K into a boat to sell it for Maybe $8500 just does not make much sense.
    Also there is a plethora of tournament boats on the market right now and none are selling at least not for what they "should" sell for.

    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

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    I think it's a pretty good deal. It's got PP, Stargazer, runs great, etc. Be patient but hold firm.
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    Like others are saying with a shot interior and exterior you have a very limited market but the market is there. You really can only sell a boat like that as a dedicated slalom tug and nothing else. Personally, I like that; but I also know that market is super super small.

    I wouldn't take less than 8k for that boat. Clean up the outside a little for a few hundred bucks and hold steady.

    If I lived on a lake I would be all over a boat like this as a second boat for the slalom tractor.
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    I'd be low balling to strip all the vinyl out and have my no tarp ski tug.
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    Your approach is all wrong. Need to advertise it as a rare special order Nautique as 99.8% of all 1998 Ski Nautiques are awful green. Price is a bit high. Do a fullbuff on gelcoat and see how decals look. Then list it and see what happens.
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    @Jody_Seal where did you find a 1999 Ski Nautique for $3500??
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    The white whale can be found. I've seen a 99 bought for $1,000. But be realistic, that's insane and never likely to happen. The "value" of the boat you're selling, is for a slalom tug. Someone caring more about the wake and PP/Zbox than the interior. That's obviously what you wanted, and who you're thinking will see value in it. As strictly a slalom tug, yeah, maybe it's an 8500 boat, but your market is crazy small. A couple years ago, that would have been a good price, even when one considered it strictly for a ZO re power, but the used ZO boats are common now, and having $20,000 in a 97-99 bubble back, just doesn't make sense. You need to make it pretty, or be happy getting $7,500 for it. Maybe both.
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    Definitely buff it out at least... It's a pretty cheap way of making major potential improvement as far as resale goes. I'm not trying to be rude, but it looks pretty hammered the way it is. Presentation means a lot - makes people think that you've been good about upkeep on other parts of the boat too.
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    BTW I do hope you sell it okay. The 1998s and 1999s are my favorite ski boats, and I know I'm not the only one that likes that hull...
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    Also how's the trailer mechanically?
  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 2,435 Mega Baller
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    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise!

    This $3500 boat rolled into my shop from a father and son boat deal that they purchased as a repo from a bank!
    Long story short, Salt water boat, low compression GT-engine with rotted out manifolds and risers, lots of shade tree engineers had worked on it and interior was not so good.
    When I quoted the replacement engine components, labor and potential other can of worms the duo decided to cut their losses and move on.
    Currently the boat has been stripped cleaned and is ready for a Excalibur and ZO install. A local upholstery shop is doing a semi custom re-skin.
    Next year when you visit Divorce Lake this 99 is what the club will be utilizing as a ski Tractor!
    Oh and it is a non Green 99! Red/Black!
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

  • shansen345shansen345 Posts: 181 Baller
    I'm in college now. As soon as I'm out and have a steady income, I really really want to pick up a nice 1998 or 1999 Ski Nautique. They're just so great to drive and ski behind. My school's team has a 1998, and I'm pretty attached to that thing.
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    Im with @shansen345 , the presentation means a lot, and reflects on how it's been treated. As a recent buyer of a TSC1 myself, the overall interior condition weighed pretty heavily on my purchase. When I'm forking out that kind of cash, I want something I can be proud of, even if it costs a bit more.

    I got mine just over a month ago, which had 920 hours, PP classic, and a full interior replacement in 2008 (hours were front loaded on this one) for just over 12K. If you could get the full
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    I think people with $9000 as there budget , are not likely to rush into anything in a hurry, they obviously do not have a lot of disposable money to spend on a boat, so they are going to look around until, that bargain boat presents itself, something that looks nice and runs OK.
    Different if somebody just wants a backup workhorse, but I reckon they are going to want it cheap.

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    Needs skins, motor work, gel coat work and has general neglect. $3500 Alot of babying to bring this boat back to life.
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    @bojans I would wait till spring. If you have a place to work on it over the winter. I could give you a hand wetsanding buffing and detailing so you can make it more appealing to sell.
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