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HO CX Superlite vs HO Carbon Omni

wettek69wettek69 Posts: 58 Baller
edited October 2017 in Skis Fins Bindings
Gidday guys.

I've had my 2017 CX Superlite for 6 months and loved it. Now that the 2018 skis are out, the Omni is getting great reviews, and of course I am a sucker for new gear. Hoping @savaiusini or someone with some direct experience can jump in and offer some advice, how do these skis compare and will I notice much difference between them. Skiing 32, 22 off. Not looking to go any deeper, just having fun mainly.

Reading the advertising makes it sound pretty good.

Thanks and regards to all.


  • wettek69wettek69 Posts: 58 Baller
    Or should I look at a Syndicate Omni?
  • wettek69wettek69 Posts: 58 Baller
  • HighAltitudeHighAltitude Posts: 88 Baller
    How do you like your CX? What is the best feature about it? I missed out on a chance to ski one last week and I'm kicking myself. With that said, I'm also interested in how it will compare to the Omni. I would assume the Omni shape is slightly more aggressive. What is the CX made of?
  • wettek69wettek69 Posts: 58 Baller
    Hi mate. I love the CX Superlite. It has a PVC core with carbon over that. It's quick to turn, but you don't have to be technically perfect on it. The only drawback for me is that it's a bit "noisy", most of my skiing is on open water, and it tends to chatter a bit due to being so light. In all reality, it's past my skill level to make the best use of it, but hey, a higher end ski means I'm a higher level skier right, hahah. Best feature? Probably the speed. Come through the turn, edge up, and it is a rocketship
    This is why I'm considering the Carbon Omni if I can get some feedback on how it compares, probably a littler slower, and being a bigger guy (6'1" and 220), easier to go a bit slower on, as it is a bit wider.
  • bogboybogboy Posts: 693 Baller
    Wettek69, hi, I haven't commented yet, to see what others would say, but here it is. You're question on the cx sl, vs. the Omni syndicate is a great and relevant question for a lot of us. I have skied on the cx sl for about 2 1/2 years now, and I have been making small, but steady improvements. My previous skis were the triumph, tx stepped, and tx stepped sl. A few months ago, I put my bindings on a Omni syndicate 67" (6'2" 180 lb) that was in our clubhouse, and took it for a set. I really liked it, and think it will be my next ski. I pretty much immediately matched my cx sl performance, plus I noticed an extra burst of speed and width, with a nice carve that was probably better than the cx sl. Weeks later, Dave w. told me that the ski I tried was a prototype, and the production Omni syndicates will be even better. He has also seen me ski for a few years now and he recommended the Omni syndicate to me over the next 2 syndicates. Since I like bigger skis, I will probably try a 69" also. Hope this helps. Good luck, and have fun.
  • bogboybogboy Posts: 693 Baller
    @wettek69 please see above.
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