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Congratulations To Alabama Waterski Team

Eric KelleyEric Kelley Posts: 243 Solid Baller

Congratulations to Alabama and the rest of the ski teams competing at the Collegiate National Championships. It was a very impressive tournament. This is what is right in waterskiing. Alabama's skiers all skied well and dominated the team part of the jump event. They came very close in total points to the team with pro skiers. Congrats also to the announcers and Kelvin and the video crew who added a lot to the event. Jay and Ann did a great job hosting the event I don't think it could have been run better.
JWebSkiBruce_Butterfieldski603RazorRoss3Chef23Broussard76S&SThan_BoganjimbrakeLuzzIlivetoskiaupatkingSkoot1123Alvin_Neffscorban2mmosley899santangeloMattPlpskierBulldogKeith MenardKdinger838


  • ski603ski603 Posts: 14 Baller
    Roll Tide!
  • theboardingschooltheboardingschool Posts: 82 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Roll Tide!
  • 76S&S76S&S Posts: 70 Baller
    Roll Tide!
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,043 Mega Baller
    I don't think I've even set foot in Alabama, but I still find myself compelled to say:

    Roll Tide!
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • HortonHorton Posts: 25,654 Administrator
    I was cheering for them to get second or third : )

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  • LLUSALLUSA Posts: 244 Crazy Baller
    Better things are on the way, @Than_Bogan it's RTR, it's better than you think.
    LLUSA, Sr Driver, AWSA Board of Directors, Towboat Committee,Lake Owner
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,057 Mega Baller
    You are absolutely right, that "This is what is right in waterskiing".
    We need to figure out how to make all tournaments more like college tournaments. More ski teams made up of people willing to go out and put up their best 200 point trick run, or boost a big 30 foot jump. Those guys are having fun and are instrumental to their teams success.
    College Skiing, and the Nats specifically is just the best thing going for skiing.
    Good job U of Tuscaloosa
  • lakeaustinskierlakeaustinskier Posts: 334 Solid Baller
    My ski partner has a daughter on the Alabama team. Great group of kids.
    Ted Thomson, Austin Texas, Aquaplex
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,043 Mega Baller
    @LLUSA I don't think I have any negative assumptions about Alabama. Just haven't had an occasion to visit yet.
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,456 Mega Baller
    What kind of funding do they have, school or mostly external? Scholarships? Seems like something other schools could model their teams after.
  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,220 Crazy Baller
    @Than_Bogan Come on down!
  • MickeyThompsonMickeyThompson Posts: 128 Baller
    RTR!! @Eric Kelley do you have someone associate with UA ski team?
  • mmosley899mmosley899 Posts: 522 Water Ski Industry Professional
    @Than_Bogan sounds like you need to plan a skiing trip to Alabama, we can hit all the great ski sites including Lymanland, home of the UA water ski team!
    Mike's Overall Binding
    Sweet Home Alabama Skiing
    Senior Judge, Senior Driver, Tech Controller
  • Bruce_ButterfieldBruce_Butterfield Posts: 1,319 Mega Baller
    edited October 2017
    @Eric Kelley - adopt Lyman?!?!? Who put the Tennessee moonshine in your coffee this morning?
    If it was easy, they would call it wakeboarding.
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,195 Mega Baller
    edited October 2017
    War Eagle! Just sayin’...
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • LLUSALLUSA Posts: 244 Crazy Baller
    @lpskier why do you have to even enter this conservation. Aubies are always second wanting to be what they will never be Alabama just sayin
    LLUSA, Sr Driver, AWSA Board of Directors, Towboat Committee,Lake Owner
  • LLUSALLUSA Posts: 244 Crazy Baller
    FYI Alabama does offer financial support to skiers
    LLUSA, Sr Driver, AWSA Board of Directors, Towboat Committee,Lake Owner
  • ski603ski603 Posts: 14 Baller
    I graduated from Alabama in 2015 and I could not have asked for a better experience as a collegiate skier or just a normal skier for that matter. @LLUSA has an incredible site and was very accommodating to the team. From the time I started my freshman year to now the team has only continued to get better. Skiing aside it was also the best college experience you could ever have. And we have a pretty good football team too...
  • skiboat38skiboat38 Posts: 120 Baller
    Dang Eric!!! Put down the fruity drinks! I also think the world of Lyman....but adoption?
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,195 Mega Baller
    @LLUSA I like to stir the pot!
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
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