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Impressions from one ride on a Syndicate Pro

HortonHorton Posts: 25,508 Administrator
edited October 2017 in Reviews
I had the chance to take a quick set on a 66” Syndicate Pro today. There is not video. This is not my ski and it had settings dialed for a 17 year old girl. First impressions are dangerous and often wrong but since I only got 6 passes on the ski, here they are.

I ran three 32s, two 35s and then 3 @ 38. My impression is that I could really run some 38s on this ski. This may very well be the best HO since the A1.

The darn thing turns great on both sides. The front of the ski pulls in more than the tail slides.

The on side is potentially crazy awesome. I can imagine using the on side turn of this ski as a crutch when I am in trouble at my hardest pass.

I am not sure if the ski is really fast or not since I was on the 66 and should likely be on the 67? The 66 did not feel small but it required more strength then a lot of other skis. I had no issue getting wide enough but it was a bit of work. This is not really a bad thing and it may just be a matter of settings. At 180 I think the 66 would work for me. I have no idea about the 67.

The tip of the ski is supportive and will not crush you if you put too much energy into the off side turn. In other words if you go too hard at apex the tip is buoyant / firm enough to keep moving and not break you in half.

The one thing I found out right away is you have to keep your shoulders level from the edge change to the apex. If you move to the inside before the ball this ski will make a radical turn back to the wakes. Once I set my focus to keeping my shoulders level and head up into the ball I was rewarded with very comfortable preturns followed by snappy turns.

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