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Another Hardshell Thread

NickDNickD Posts: 16 Baller
Been tossing around the idea of hardhsell bindings for awhile now, just haven't been able to pull the trigger. But after an injury this collegiate season I feel a change is in order. I've been looking into a few different brands. I haven't been able to find much on either the syndicate hardshells vs the Edge Hardshells. Ive heard from a few sources that they are pretty similar, I was hoping someone who knows more about this than me could shed some light on these two binders for me.

Thanks in advance


  • mmosley899mmosley899 Posts: 523 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Those two are exactly the same boot and both use the Reflex release system which only releases in a heel up forward direction. What type of injury did you have?
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  • HortonHorton Posts: 25,683 Administrator
    @NickD I have and use both the Syndicate and the Edge System. They are exactly the same except for the liner.

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  • wawaskrwawaskr Posts: 163 Baller
    How does the Syndicate compare with Reflex or Goode boots? What boots do you perfer and why?
  • OldboyIIOldboyII Posts: 542 Solid Baller
    For achilles protection - HO/Edge/Reflex.
    For both achilles and knee - MOB.
  • musclefixermusclefixer Posts: 49 Baller
    Powershells are very comfortable. After 10 yrs just made a switch to reflex supershell 3.0 and they are almost identical in feel of the foot inside the boot. I use intuition liners in both cases. I did choose to go with a R-style rear and its allowing me to get more up on the front of the ski with releasing my heel more then the powershells did. I do think reflex has done a lot of research on its release mechanism and is consistent.
  • NickDNickD Posts: 16 Baller
    Thanks everyone for the input.

    @mmosley899 it was heel up type fall/injury but I would not say I went OTF (if that makes a difference) . Resulted in a pretty gnarly sprained ankle.
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