no set up buoy

we like to keep our course kinda stealth,its in a far shallow marshy corner in a semi-busy lake,so the less buoys the better,trouble is as an intermediate herky jerky skier,sometimes i get a great #1 ball,and othertimes not.Any tips/tricks to setting/lining up for the gates without set up buoys?


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    Getting the timing right for the pull out is critical in getting a good gate shot to set up the timing/rhythm for the pass. Without 55 meter bouys it’s tougher to consistently nail the pull out. Makes it more challenging for sure.
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    Shoreline markers can work. Try to find a something that sticks out visually and adjust you gate off of it. I skied a lake one time that had power lines at one end. When two poles crossed each other in my visual I knew to pull out. Only worked going one way....
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    Before there was such a thing as 55M buoys here's what I did. I positioned myself in the little trough to the left of the prop wash. I waited until the gate buoys visually met the top of the windshield and then pulled out. Of course I deviated off this cue based on head/tail. It may also vary based on your height, but it did serve as a positive visual point for me.
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    @herkyjerky - check out this BOS thread, notably @Roger posts
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    I wait for the left hand gate ball to line up with the 5. They pass each other more quickly than you think so have to get used to the anticipation part of it or you will go too late.
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    Range finder + brick attached to plastic bottle painted whatever colour you like, easy to put in easy to pull out, Simples

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    @Stevie Boy -in conjunction with your suggestion about painting a plastic bottle and using it for a temporary marker we found two things that help that idea work good. first off after removing the outside label off a water bottle paint it by splashing fast drying paint *inside* the bottle. now the color is on the inside so it will never wear off and you can reuse the bottle over and over right up to the time you lose it or run over it with the prop.
    second drill a small hole through the lid of the bottle and run a loop of nylon cord out the hole with a big knot on the inside. this makes a great attachment point and and because the cap end is down theres no worry about water leaking in through the hole. those two steps make a great reusable temporary buoy.
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    @herkyjerky - As @Gloersen pointed out that I said in another thread. Before the 55s were added to the course, I used the right hand gate ball/5 ball lineup while standing just outside the wake curl for my pull out point. I use the 55s now more due to getting older and having less vision acuity, but if I watch where I pull out now (about a boat length before the 55s, the right gate and 5 ball line up right at the same point. Hope that helps.
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    +1 for the idea of dropping in a brick attached to a buoy. It will give you somewhat of a reference point.
    If that doesn't work, you could also do what I like to call a "2 ball start". By using the boat guides at one ball, it gives you a consistent point to pull out.
    Here is some video of a two ball start...
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