Is there a simple drawing with dimensions for the old Slot Fin

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This is posted separately as it came up in the dark Denali discussion about the history of fins with slots. What I want is not a written discussion of how to measure with the tips or a specific gauge, but a good old mechanical eng drawing with dimensions of how the old slot fin is supposed to be set up for an older Goode ski.


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    @A_B I saw that- then the text says the DFT is .703" for Goodes. So is that the distance to the slot cut? Because it's not the picture- by along shot. Sorry I am being such a simpleton, I want a diagram, with dimensions. I just wanted to give this a go again, as I have the old slot fin, and I want to use non special after market gauges, like something I have.
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    The thickness of the fin is the dft
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    As Drago says. Put the rear of the fin almost flush to the back edge of the ski and allow the thickness of another fin or angle gauge to be how much you are forward of the tail end of the ski.

    The adjustments for the slot fin is pretty much depth only and you want to run it as deep as you can without causing wheelies as you finish your turns.

    It is usuallly a love it or hate it relationship with this fin.

    It turns quickly but the offside angle out of the turn was always inferior for me compared to a standard fin.

    I have tried it on long skis that typically don’t turn very well, thinking it would help turning, which it did. But the course is won behind the boat.

    To me, it was more suited for free skiing and easy sharp turns on both sides.
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    Thank you @A_B that helps, will give it a winter time go appreciate you took the time.
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    It definitely behaves differently on different skies. I have used on s2 and now on reflex ski. The angle and finish of the offside turn on the reflex is crazy. finish meaning, ski ends up in a position i can handle the load. I used my wing angle (1/16 of an inch wide, measured with my calipers) to use as dtf. Good luck, i ski 36 - running 28, 32, playing with 35.
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