Rear Powershell Free to Lift or Not?

Powershell users - how many of you fix/modify the rear boot and prevent if from lifting, as it is intended to do?


  • Ed_JohnsonEd_Johnson Posts: 1,867
    edited December 2017
    @Patmaster ... I spent 15 years on Powershells with the springs, and locked down. Ended up with a riser fixed under the heal of the rear boot. That worked out best.

    Skiing with Andy Mapple, he kept telling me to go with a Reflex Front and the R-Style Rear for much more freedom of movement, and the ability to have much more hip movement available. Did that 3 years a go, and it was the single best move I ever made. Andy was 100% correct.

    Loving the Reflex Supershell with R Style Rear and NRG with CG Fin.
    JordanPat MGWaterski
  • PatmasterPatmaster Posts: 148 Baller
    @Ed_Johnson yes, I know, he told me the same thing and I tried. But - many years with fixed rear boot (hard) made it really difficult to switch back to any setup where the rear foot is allowed to move much. I also use a fixed riser under the rear heel. Just wondering what the other people are doing who are on double hard shells. Regina, Dave Miller,others?
  • jcampjcamp Posts: 703 Crazy Baller
    @Patmaster Regina has her's locked down.
  • PatmasterPatmaster Posts: 148 Baller
    @jcamp, thanks! After years on fixed hardshells it is so hard to move to a "heel-free" system in the rear. That made me wonder what makes sense. Following other discussions on the topic, it is becoming clear that slalom techniques with and without fixed rear heel are probably more different than most of us thought!
  • jcampjcamp Posts: 703 Crazy Baller
    @patmaster just remember Regina is a world-class athlete who is freakishly strong and talented!
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    The difference between fastening the rear heal down and leaving it free to move up and down affects what happens when you move forward over your front foot late in the pre-turn.

    If fastened down, either the rear foot levers more tip into the water (with the front foot acting as the lever's fulcrum), or it restricts your ability to move forward. If the heal is free to lift, you'll have an easier time getting up over your front foot, and you'll be less likely to over-engage tip possibly suffering tip-grab.

    Andy Mapple did this video of his back foot while skiing with a toe piece. This seems pretty good evidence that being able to raise your back heel is good. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 1,635 Crazy Baller
    I get just the right heel lift in my rear Vapor Carb' with the top lace snug, not tight.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 25,799 Administrator
    One other thing to keep in mind - With the springs, your back heel has to move farther up to start a release if you fall forward.

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  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,653 MM Trick Skier / Eccentric Person
    I struggled to keep the velcro from pre releasing. I tried a spring to try to start the release later. Not necessarily a bad thing to have another tool to adjust when a release starts.

    @Ed_Johnson Good call on the velcro strap on the liner. Nowadays I'm using a rubber band for the same effect. I have a kick in hardshell rear so I can get up one footed. Lots of freedom of movement. My mind thinks I'm secure in my hardshell so I can concentrate on skiing. Couldn't make a pass with a naked foot in a toe kicker (too many decades of double boots).

    A word of caution: don't allow the movement of the rear foot by just running the hardshell clips loose. My foot got stuck halfway out and sprained my ankle on a relatively low energy fall.

    After that, I replaced the cuff clips with a rubber band. Eventually I removed the cuff entirely (like the R-style). Now even more plastic is gone. This has been an evolution. If you like your rear support but want more movement, there are things you can do that won't radically change the feel you are used to but allow more movement.

    @Patmaster I'd keep the spring/lift system you have so your release stays consistent (if it is working well for you). Remove the cuff or grind on the shell to give more rear foot mobility. Velcro the liner so it feels comfortable. Or switch to a softer shell (I found the Powershells plastic too stiff for my liking). Assuming you are looking for more rear foot mobility?

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