Looking for used lift

gcam4gcam4 Posts: 58 Baller
We moved into a waterfront community last year and now we are looking for a lift. Due to our HOA we need to get a lift that is as unobtrusive as possible, hence the need for a hydraulic cantilever. These are very uncommon in NC though. Does anyone know of any used ones available? We don't mind a decent drive to pick one up if the price is right, but obviously there are limitations to that. We've seen some posts about others getting a great deal on used lifts and we are hoping to do so as well.


  • hiddenskierhiddenskier Posts: 8 Baller
    Hey Grant, I’m a dealer for Hewitt Lifts. If your interested in a new lift I could have one shipped to you from the factory. Don’t have any used lifts available right now.
  • gcam4gcam4 Posts: 58 Baller
    @hiddenskier we would love a new one but, from what we have seen, they are out of our price range at the moment.
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