1991 Prostar 190, what's it worth?

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Hey Ballers, I am considering moving to newer boat. Can you take a look and tell me what you think it is worth? I am the 2nd owner and it has 627 hours. Power is the 351 Windsor with the 1:1 drive. I have completely refurb'd the boat over the last couple of years. The exterior has been buffed to a mirror shine, I installed new rub rail and updated the decals. The interior is brand new as of last summer and a new carpet. The speedo's are GPS, new stereo, and a new dimensions tower and bimini. Boat runs like a top! I was thinking $10,000-$11,000. What do you think?



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    Nice boat! Love that hull. We sold our '92 in 2014. Super clean and solid, 285hp w/ powerslot and about 1,200 hours. Started asking 10,500 and sold it for 7k after 6 months on SIA and a bunch of lookers. I think your on target at 10/11k with the new interior and tower. What I found was not a lot of skiers really interested in a older closed bow tug.
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    I got $12,000 for my 1992 last year with 750 hours. What I found is that location matters also. Mine sold literally in less than 24 hours, but we are in Idaho with not a lot of selection and people don’t want to travel or buy out of state. Mine had mostly new interior, graphics, tower all the goods as well. That is a nice boat so good luck! $10-11K is probably the right price.
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    Good point @bigskieridaho, there isn't a ski boat dealership of any brand here in Vermont! Maybe I'll try craigslist first before SIA.
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    @Jaypro if I didn't have 2 in college I'd be heading north to see that boat. Good luck!
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    @Jaypro the lack of local dealers can be a benefit and a problem, your local market won't be dilute w/ newer inventory but it also means maybe fewer users of ski boats.

    I bought a 94 for under 9K - in good but not perfect shape. No Tower/No PP.

    I am actively looking for a 91-94 with a dead engine and horrible interior to do what I've always wanted and strip one down so it doesn't need to be tarped.
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    Your boat is in beautiful shape. It's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It really depends on how quickly you want to sell it. I sold my 94 this year. I had it priced on the higher side, and a bunch of people on here said it was insane to ask what I was asking. I had a bunch of inquiries that went nowhere, and then suddenly, two people wanted to buy it the same week, and I got my asking price.

    I think you can get 10 to 11k for that boat, if you're willing to be patient.
    Kyle Wiley Pickett
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    decided to sell it, SIA SIA45621
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