Sea Deck on rear of boat

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I bought some pieces of sea deck they were selling at a show .Im thinking of sticking two pieces to the rear of boat to prevent / hide scratches from my kids wakeboards and careless ski buddies .The guy working booth warned me about placement as once its down it aint coming up .So Im not to sure if I want to do it . Will it hold up ? Im worried that if looks like crap in a few years and I want to remove it , that it may ruin the gel coat .Amy thought? The pieces are basically the same that are on the gunnel of my 17 Prostar.


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    My son removed really old stuff like sea deck from his sailboat with acetone. Lots of work and he could do some more clean up but it looks as good as the rest of his old boat.

    Sea Deck is pretty comfortable nonskid. If you get a few good years out of it, you scored! Enjoy it.

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    I think the warning was meant to be, once you start, you are not peeling it back up for adjustments. They have a removal video on their website.

    I replaced my rear deck and added it to the top of our gunnels on our 06 LXi. Love it and great customer service/company.

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    @LoopSki I've had the same thought, as that is a spot that seems to get a lot of scratches from wake boarders and my Malibu decal was removed by the previous owner. I like the idea of seadek better than the floppy transom savers that attach to the rear tie down loops
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    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
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    @LoopSki When you say “rear of the boat” are you referring to the transom? Why not buff it out really good and then apply something clear like 3M Scotchgard Film (8 mil Urethane)? I think they make “Clear bras” for cars out of that stuff or something like it and I think it is easier to apply, ie it car be “adjusted” more easily than what the Seadeck sounds to be.
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    I'll go along with @Lieutenant Dan . I put 3M tape on the back of our boat in 2006, still looks good like the day it was installed.
    First thing we get rid of the safety equipment
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    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
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    I tore the torturous sano pad off our 2007 SN years ago and sent Ski Dek the stencil patterns for a complete makeover of the swim platform, glove box, and side steps. It’s held up great and is so much better on these old knees climbing in.

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    +1 for 3M
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    For those of you that are putting 3M on the top of the gunnels... how are you trimming it? Assuming just using a razor blade, but I'm worried about trashing my gel coat.
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    Wouldn’t the best method be to measure and cut before you appt to gel coat?
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    SeaDek can be removed and cleaned up, but the adhesive won't be reusable.

    Good stuff, I put some on swim platform on my old boat, and added a couple matching peices to our new prostar.
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    Stick it to the platform not the hull.

    With old teak platforms they sell them to screw them into the platform, then when you boarders wang the hull with the ski the teak blocks it.

    I've never had a slalom or trick skier ding me that way. I've had several slalom skiers carrying their ski by a binding loop drop a fin into the transom.
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    What is the 3m tape you are talking about?
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    Try Vantage . They make several pre-cut kits for different boats. I have been using the kits on my 200's for the last several years and adding additional pieces that I cut from bulk rolls of the stuff that I also buy from them. Their 200 Kit does include a die cut piece that covers the vertical transom directly in front of the platform, but it doesn't contain the most import parts (in my opinion) that need coverage on a 200, which is the very top of the transom (horizontal area that the rope rubs and dulls). I make my own pieces for those areas. The stuff works great, the only way you can tell it is on is by feeling the edges.
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    @LoopSki : I added step strips to my gunnels and a pad for my homemade platform, used 3M 90 spray adhesive with great results. Have not had to remove or re-glue so no insight on that process yet. I used the blue tape to outline the area to spray on the gunnel / platform, remove and apply the foam. You can also use a hard roller to ensure no air bubbles once you align the pad. I made patterns then simply cut material with good scissors.
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    Did this all myself. Did not take too much effort.......
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