Crossfit open style competition for water skiing

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I know this has been discussed before but thought it might be worth another run at it.

For those of you not familiar Crossfit open is competition where local gyms all compete on a global basis the same workout that has to be done within 4 days. ( I think that right but I apologize if I am incorrect), over several weeks to qualify for the next round. The idea is local "judges" certify the score without everyone having to travel to a single location. this is followed by regionals which is more like how waterski regionals is done. Everyone's scores are posted on a website for the whole world to see. No one seems to be too worried about cheating. Some of the bigger clubs have fans that come out to see the workouts and cheer everyone on, but thats not required. Soldiers are doing it in Iraq.

I believe a similar concept could translate in skiing. Use local scoring for advancement to regionals that doesnt require a full on tournament with tower judges, certified scorers, safety guy who took some kind of class and all that overhead. People can post their scores every week and you can track you progress against your age group peers through the existing ranking program.

There still could be local tournaments, which is no different than folks gathering at a gym to watch the top guy do their thing.

More scores, more "tournament" sets, more fun. Even more money if you charged a nominal fee for entering scores.

Less hassle, less admin, less cameras, less promo boats, less expense.
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    I like the concept. would need lots of details to make work. Just thinking out loud--- would have to be a sanctioned tournament site with certified course, Rated Boat Judge and driver, Video, ECT... Could not set Records this way but could be a great way to get Scores in the books for Avg. Could increase number of scores needed for avg - golf uses 10 scores to set Handicap.

    I personally love the tournament scene but many states and areas don't have as many local tournaments.
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    And more people would hear about it. First rule of crossfit o:)
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    @Beastmode now your just complicating it again ;) ...pretty sure in "the open" either a certified judge has to watch the workout or you can send in video proving your score. Simple enough. In reality ANY course will do and with video or a certified boat judge it could be easy enough. In regards to cheating, it would all come out at regional's or Nats anyway so no harm no foul...perhaps the proper legit "qualifying" order should be video/boat judge to state, state qualifies to regional's, regional's qualifies to Nats...and a record tournament can qualify for Nats also
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    Why do none of the cross fit girls look 'fit'? Apart from the ones who look like Romanian power lifters they usually look pudgy with no definition. Just an observation
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    Why not do it just like amateur golf? Practice scores create a handicap then we all compete on the against each other. Sandbaggers get weeded out at the tournaments.

    Still keep the big tourneys the same.

    Just a thought...
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    Last year we created a ski league that pretty much does what the OP is asking for. A description is below. We had 100+ skiers over five states last year. We are re-tooling this off season to work out some of the kinks we discovered, and we will be taking registrations later this spring for the 2018 season that will run June-August with a two week playoff series.


    The league is virtual weekly team slalom waterski competition open to adults and junior skiers who enjoy skiing in the slalom course. No minimum level of proficiency is required, only a desire to get better at skiing the slalom course. Handicap scoring equalizes the field from beginners to experts. Skiers will compete at their own sites, with their own boats once a week, on their own schedules, and compete virtually against other teams throughout the country. Skiers on the same team can (and have) competed alongside one another each week while skiing in different states. Each skier gets a minimum of four passes every week. Certified judges and drivers are not required. Any boat can qualify as a permitted towboat. Speed control is not required. Teams can range in size from 3 to 10 skiers.
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    @WBLskier do you have a website for this league? Sounds fun!
  • WBLskierWBLskier Posts: 431 Baller
    @Shererskier we're building out a new website this winter...I'll send info to you when it's done.
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    Ok good to know there are some fit cross fitters. Sounds like the norm in your areas. In my county the gals I know that post pics on FB of they're gym members make me scratch my head -all pudge no definition and they are soooo stoked to squat whatever they're squatting. They put on size but that's about it.

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    @david_quail, @cragginshred continues to highlight his ignorance on this. I recall a previous thread where he seemed to imply that a woman's fitness goals should include becoming attractive to "most men"

    Come on, man...
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    @cragginshred anyone who posts gym pics on facebook should make you scratch your head because no one gives a rats ass about anyone else's gym routine.

    Outside of that, as a former competitive lifter, you'd be surprised what a little extra mass on the body can do for power. As a current lifter I can make 300lbs look like a tinker toy, it doesn't mean I'm completely lean. You can be both healthy and strong without looking like an Olympic athlete. I would point out that most amateur water skiers I see aren't rocking 6 packs either unless we're talking about IPAs.
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    I think it could work if we could get as organized as the crossfit community but I think it is doubtful. It would be a fun way to bring us all together.

    There are many misconceptions about crossfit and the big one is that it is about body building (get the look). It has nothing to do with that. The whole methodology is about turning yourself in to the best athletic shape you can. All the lifting is full body movements. You won't see people rocking muscle specific moves like bicep curls.
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    One of the biggest things we can learn from Crossfit is how they do promotion. Something like this after major events doing a recap would be great:

    Wouldn't cost much but I could see there being issues with getting footage from the actual events.

    Here's another example of a trailer they did to recap the Crossfit Games:
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    @Rpc29 footage would be great, the scored trick runs are really cool to watch with the score and the trick being listed, in many ways the webcast format would be improved with recaps of the interesting stuff being prioritized over the hours of watching the waves dissipate.
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    I think this is a great idea. Really like the analogy to a golf handicap - can put as many scores into the system as you want, but no one will believe you until you prove it in a tournament.

    May be getting a little carried away here, but would be awesome to have some kind of leaderboard app that mixes in a periscope-type live feed where you could hop in and watch the sets of whoever is currently skiing/entering a score around the country/world? Would be awesome to keep an eye on those around you in the leaderboard. Does something like this exist in CrossFit?

    Probably too ambitious since we still struggle to piece together a good feed of the largest ski tournament in the world...
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    @OSUwaterskier Some good ideas there.

    The crossfit open is all about feeling like you're part of a local and global community, and then competing within it. So as you say - a leaderboard including scores, videos etc, is one way to help this out.

    With the Crossfit Open, they accomplish this in some ways including:

    - They livestream the announcement of the weekly workout (Each of the 5 weeks (or is it 6?) is always a surprise) and have two of the worlds best athletes compete head to head. Lights, cameras, live audience, leaderboard etc. They have lots of $ to throw at this :|
    - They have a global leaderboard. You can query how you compare against people your age, people in your country, in your state, etc. You can see video of those who have submitted video proof rather than a qualified judge
    - Most crossfit gyms make a big deal of the workout and have everyone do it in an evening (or morning or whatever). At our gym they host "friday night lights" ... so instead of the usual trainer + 5 other people, the gym is full of 30 people doing the workout in heats, all the trainers, family and friends show up, lights, DJ, food, etc.

    Many of these ideas translate to Slalom with a few tweaks. But the overall idea of bringing Slalom enthusiasts (everyone from Nate Smith to someone struggling to run 30mph, 15 off) from around the world to compete together using technology and local clubs, is a mighty fine one.
  • OSUwaterskierOSUwaterskier Posts: 70 Baller
    Thanks for the insights, David! Awesome stuff. The early morning, public water slalom crews would be all over this - set up league's among your ski crew, instant facilitator of handicap based bragging rights.

    What is the fee structure for participating in Crossfit Open? Couple bucks to submit your score each week? Subscription for the season? Subscription to get access to the announcement of each week's challenge? Does the gym pay the Crossfit Open organization to host an event where people set scores?
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    It would be awesome if we could take low-pressure, local tournaments that give you multiple rounds and cost between $45 and $55 to enter, then feed everyone's scores into a rankings list that allows skiers to compare themselves to other skiers on the state, regional and national levels.

    We could call this type of tournament "Class C."
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    Good idea! Maybe also as part of those Class C tournaments, we could set it up so that it wastes your whole day and when you fall, you have to swim to shore and wait 4 hours to try again! Count me in!
  • jcampjcamp Posts: 703 Crazy Baller
    If skiing and being around friends/other skiers "wastes your whole day" then maybe skiing isn't your thing.

  • OSUwaterskierOSUwaterskier Posts: 70 Baller
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    Sorry @jcamp. Maybe your type of skiing is not my thing, as is the case with many I’m sure... if you can’t see the difference between this idea and Class C tournaments, I’m not sure this thread is for you.

    Sorry to tangent again @disland. It’s hard to believe that there are still some that are not open to new ideas for this sport. Let me know how I can help - large group of early morning course skiers on our lake that would love this.
  • jcampjcamp Posts: 703 Crazy Baller
    @OSUwaterskier Why would we want to encourage water skiers to be even less social than they already are? Lots of people say the decline of Nationals began with the online rankings list. Why go to Nationals to see how you stack up if you can just look it online? I guess they have a point.

    With what's proposed above, why ever leave your home lake to compete if you can just ski at home with your best buddy driver and submit your "best" score? No traveling to new sites, no meeting new people, no learning from others, no having to show up and actually test yourself.
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    If only you both weren't so correct!
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    @disland I have to respectfully disagree.... CrossFit is not run by one man (Castro). Democracy should be a good thing...politics and bureaucracy a bad thing.... I think you and I would agree the latter 2 are the problem... Another problem we have is that we don't have $$ to do the things folks are proposing in this thread.

    One example is the trailer above, for this years CrossFit Games Documentary that @Rpc29 shared. Just the thumbnail image itself includes artwork that probably cost them $20,000+. My buddies Marston and Heber (who helped me film the first FlowPoint Episode at Lake Powell) directed/edited/filmed that trailer and documentary (along with many other camera operators) and have been working on it since last August. $500,000 would be my super lowball estimation on how much this years production cost just to put together. Not saying its not possible, but trying to be realistic.

    But, 11 years ago there were no CrossFit games. There were 70 athletes, at some dusty ranch, competing all day and toasting to good times that evening.....sounds pretty much like a water ski event. Only difference is Water Skiing has been like that since day 1....and CrossFit has exploded into a community-based lifestyle that tends to attract more people than it purges. Finding a way to apply some of their magic to our lifestyle wouldn't hurt.

    A "CrossFit Open" style movement could definitely be a jumping off point. Maybe age-divisions could be shelved in place of ability-based divisions? I know its been beaten to death, but in the spirit of making things competitive and fun, maybe its something to keep in mind when going down this road of trying to create a compelling world-wide water ski movement?
  • Rpc29Rpc29 Posts: 187 Solid Baller
    Whoa @MarcusBrown I had no idea we were talking about that level of $$. Totally changes my thinking. However, short sub 5 minute event summaries might be more affordable and at least be a start?
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    I think this is a great idea. Don’t over complicate it though, just follow @WBLskier and start posting scores. Add a video would be a great feature on a website as well.

    I think this would promote local groups getting together to record their weekly scores.
  • swaterkdswaterkd Posts: 56 Baller
    There is already this type of thing going. For those who don't know about it it is called The Wednesday water ski league. It has been a lot of fun and teams from all over.
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