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How much line tension?

HortonHorton Posts: 25,312 Administrator
edited March 20 in Technique & Theory
I look at the below image of the French Girl and I see a lot of technical points that I would like to emulate. One thing that puzzles me a little that is - Some top 36 MPH skiers do not always have as tight a line from edge change to the ball line as compared to top 34 MPH skiers.

Is this because the 36 skiers have more than enough speed to get high on the boat but to run 38, 39 and beyond at 34 mph requires more connection to the boat?

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  • GloersenGloersen Posts: 780 Crazy Baller
    Guessing you're right. Certainly never see a bow in the line in an M8 skier running 35 or into 38. May be explicable by the energy possessed by a moving object (KE) which is proportional to 1/2MV^2; 11% greater from 34 to 36, 33% greater from 30 to 36. Not insignificant.
  • GarGar Posts: 260 Baller
    Yep 34 is tough 32 will be tougher!
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