Woman’s beginner ski advice

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Looking for a ski for my girlfriend she learned to ski last year. Can get up on one ski and slowly cross the wakes. She borrowed a couple of skis last year, the one she liked the best was the HO free ride. She will probably never be a course skier but she does want to one day do the mini course. We have a couple women that Ski with us that have skied on the lyric, they Felt like its too aggressive of a Ski for just a freestyle skier and starting out in the course. My interpretation of aggressive form them means; Falls over on edge to easy, gets to much angle more than some beginners can handle. So something that can be controlled and slowly roll on edge. I’m asking for advice what skis from different manufacturers should we demo since we live close to Performance Surf and Ski. I know the water is always warm here, correct craft is just down the road and the best ski shop in the world is close by. I hate where I live too


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    My wife just demod the senate at Rini's place...who got it from Perf Ski. I have her on an older Lyric right now...she LOVED the Senate. Never thought she would even attempt the mini course...but, a little coaching from Matt & Cole and she was doing it!

    Really...she is a freeskier from the word go, so it was pretty awesome to watch.
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    My wife is on a lyric and loves it. The senate is a great Ski also, but is on the same page as a lyric being the main shape comes from a Vapor....the skis just have more width. I think the Omni would be a great choice as well. Go in @perfski and talk to Bill and he will be able to point you in the right direction for sure. Was just in there the other day.
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    Same situation I had with my girlfriend that learned to ski last year. Learned to ski last summer,rode ours friends lyrics both with double boot and rtp. The girls that had the lyrics also thought they were a little to aggressive for themselves . We went with a 2017 HO Freeride EVO. We also took into account she wouldn't be in the course as much as me so something that was more of an open water ski was a better option. She loves the ski. Turns easily and very forgiving. I skied it and knew it would be a good ski for her because of how stable and easy it is to ski.
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    Radar Lyric
    My sister has one, 2 of my friends have them, and my school's waterski club has one.
    I think Wiley's may still have a few 2016 models left over on sale (not that I am in any way trying to discourage you from shopping at Performance).
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    My wife tried my Senate and never gave it back...
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    Got my wife they Lyric as well. Can't go wrong there
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