Filming skiers

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Filming skiers from the boat inevitably results in shaky at best video. The Wakeye always gets a good shake if the skier has any slack and when filming by hand the camera operator usually ends up with some shake or a finger in view. Does anyone have any experience with a hand held gimbal like this one?

If you could rig up a way to mount this on a wakeye, would it improve the video quality?


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    The best way I have improved the Wakeye is with their optional shock tube holder and the recommended 2' Masterline Shock Tube.
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    @bojans, I’ve been thinking about the same thing. On my Wakeye, I have the camcorder mount with the screw. Some of the handheld gimbals have the screw mount in the bottom of the handle. I know FeiyuTech does. They also have the screw mount in their wearable gimbals. That is what I wanted to get, but they discontinued the wearable model with the phone holder and now just have the wearable with the holder for GoPro and other sport cameras. The wearable seemed to have a really good profile for mounting on the Wakeye.
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    Handheld is the best possible video from the boat at the moment. Just need more practice from the camera operators. It can be done. Shortline requires the camera operator to move toward the back of the boat to prevent the drivers head from blocking the view. Check this Link
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    I use an isolator and shock tube on the wake eye to reduce shake. I believe it works well. I've discussed it before here:
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    @MS you sure can beat an iPad

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