2002 Ski Nautique on SIA

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2000 Malibu Response LX 2016 66 lithium vapor


  • shansen345shansen345 Posts: 180 Baller
    What is a "PCM40 carburetor" engine? lol
    I'm assuming GT40? But that would be EFI...
  • ellenmellenm Posts: 22 Baller
    It's my boat. No EFI. PM40. It's carbureted engine. It's sold.
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    @ellenm I know its sold and a mute point but I was talking to a few friends and had no idea what this carburated engine is for an 02. I was just looking through my 02 SN Owners Manual and it lists a few engines. PCM Chevy 5.7 (350ci), PCM Ford GT-40 (351ci), PCM Chevy Python 8.1 (496ci) :p , & PCM Chevy 5.0 (305ci). All state Fuel Injection.

    Was this not a US boat originally?

    PS. I would love that Python Engine.
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    @keithh2oskier I couldn't find a reference for the engine either all the PCM options seem to be EFI but if it was a boat with a failed GT-40 ignition module I could see it being swapped to a carb as those throttle body boats are basically carbs anyhow.
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    Ugh. The term “GT40” is referring to the higher output series of cylinder heads Ford used on their small blocks. The heads were available in a few flavors and had no reference to the fuel delivery system that Ford or any marinizer used. PCM used them on carb’d motors, their very short lived throttle body efi motors and by the multi port efi from 1995-2002. Still a few carbd motors were rumored and appeared in ‘02 for those who didn’t want to worry about computer and sensor issues 20+ years later.
  • ellenmellenm Posts: 22 Baller
    I bought the boat in 04 with little knowledge of engines. It was the least expensive of the 04 Nautiques at that time so I bought it. I thought about selling it in 2013 and a prospective buyer brought this to my attention, so I verified the engine with Correct Craft to make sure it was the original engine and they confirmed it. It has been a very good boat and I have been very much on the fence about selling it but really wanted to upgrade to a 200 hull and zero off. I seriously considered dropping a new engine in it too and keeping it but there was nothing wrong with the existing engine, so I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade.
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