Perfect Pass Classic parts for sale

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PP parts for sale that work with a cable throttle type boat. $200 for all of it or see below.

1. $150 - master module rev 6.0 AND 3.5” display, single line (sold as a set only)
2. $20 Smart Timer (one left)
3. $45 Hand Timer to calibrate PP if you don’t have magnets

I will pay shipping to lower 48.

Please send a PM if interested.


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    Link to SIA
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    Try this again.
  • Bill22Bill22 Posts: 1,365 Crazy Baller
    Quick explanation of how the hand timer works, see manual for full explanation.

    Plug timer wire into master module.
    Put PP in Slalom mode.
    Select speed to calibrate.
    Have a skier run a pass.
    Press timer button as skier enters the gates.
    Press button as skier rounds 3 ball.
    Press button as skier passes through exit gate.
    Stop the boat at end of lake.
    PP will display something like “^ to recalibrate” push up arrow.

    You can use a gps app on a cell phone to get baselines close but if you have a course, the hand timer is much faster, gets speed expect, can be used while you are skiing and can fine tune if the size/weight of boat crew changes day to day.
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    @Bill22 I recommend doing the timing when the boat (as opposed to the skier) goes through the entrance gates, 3 ball, and exit gates. If your driving you can usually have the timer right next to the throttle hand and push the button as you pass through the buoy line. Its a lot easier to do looking forward as opposed to looking at the skier.
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    @keithh2oskier that sounds good too. I have only done this with two people in the boat and the observer clicking the button.
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    price drop- $100. Master module ver. 6.0, single line display and one smart timer.
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    I gave the timer a @Nautibynature and sold everything else. There’s a demand for PP parts in Washington state because two Ballers out there bought the stuff.
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