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Looking for some advice. I'm currently on a 2013 66" radar strada, but I think this may be too much ski for me and maybe holding me back a bit. I'm 5'9", weight approx. 155 lbs. to 165 lbs. during ski season and ski 15 off. The fastest speed I've skied where I've gotten all 6 balls is 32.4mph. I'd like to get to a point where I get all 6 consistently at 33 to 34mph. Am I going to benefit from going to a Senate Lithium, which appears to be more suited for the speed I ski at? Also, given my weight, and assuming you think the Senate is the way to go, would you recommend the 65" or 67"?



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    Senate rocks. You will be fine on any Senate, but the Lithium is the best of the bunch (carbon/PVC only like most of the high end skis). If you're skiing that fast now and want to ski 34mph consistently soon, I chink you could get away with the 65". That's what I would do at your size and speed. If you were just learning to ski the course at 26 or 28, I'd probably say the 67, but at the higher speeds I think the extra length will hurt performance when turning.
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    Thanks @shansen345. Would you agree that the Senate would be better for me than the strada (old vapour) given my ski speeds? No difference? Worse? Thanks again.
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    @maralake74 - If you feel comfortable on the ski spend the money on some lessons
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    Thanks @BraceMaker . Already go to sunset ranch once a year for 4 days. Just wondering if I can expect that extra bit of ski surface to help given the slower speeds I ski at or whether the difference will be negligible and not worth it.
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    On top of the 10 sets at sunset, I probably ski an additional 30 to 35 sets per year. Given the distance to our cabin, I only get to do it a few long weekends and every morning for a 3 week stretch. Not sure if that impacts peoples' advice.
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    The Strada is, from what I understand, a good ski. If you're comfortable on it, then keep it. If you want a new ski, then get the Senate. My buddy just went from a Strada to a Senate and loves it - says it's way faster (which I assume is from the increased surface area) and has been skiing well on it.
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    @maralake74, Senate is an awesome 34 mph ski. I have been skiing on a Vapor and had a chance to ski one last week. I have been skiing mid -38s this year and ran 2 @ 39 off the dock on the Senate. I'm considering making it my tourney ski this year.
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    I recommend the senate. I was on a 2014 vice-c very similar to your strada. I also am just like you where my best pass is 32 mph at -15. I find the senate just a lot easier to run at both 30 and 32 mph. I don't really try 34 at all as 32 is still a pretty hard pass for me I know I wouldn't have a chance yet at 34. This is the abridged version. I can give you the long version if you would like, just ask.

    Size? That's a tough one. I feel like the 67 is a really good size for me and I range from 175 to 195 and I'm 5'11". Is there not a 66"? shucks.
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    Mike Gile what size Vapor were you skiing and what size Senate by comparison did you test. Your height and weight?
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    I'm curious how much of an influence height has on ski size? The ski companies only include weight but everyone here includes height as well.
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    @vtmecheng do you have family near Lake Anna? Schedule a visit 5/19/18. Radar is having a RadarNation demo day at Peace Love & Waterskiing. Then you can test for yourself if height makes a difference at your speed and line length. Email Brooks to reserve a spot.
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    Man I wish but I'll be down there the following weekend with the family for Memorial day weekend. We have a tradition of getting blue crabs and drinking margaritas by the water.

    I wouldn't be the best to test that anyway, I'm way too green in the course. Plus, I'm sure someone else here knows enough to say if height matters in ski sizing.
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