Wisconsin lakes for a trip

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Myself and another slalom skiing friend and our gals are looking to head to WI for a long weekend this summer. Ideally we'd get an air bnb or something similar on a small lake with good skiing. No need for a course, just would like to shred in the mornings. Ideas?



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    What part of Wisconsin? If you're looking at the northern part (Eagle River area in particular), I might have a couple suggestions.
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    Northern finger of Balsam Lake is a good ski spot. Not unusual to have a couple boats lined up in the am and pm when we have rented there.
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    If you're thinking about Three Lakes up north there's a great lake that is "hidden", but still attached to the Eagle River/Three Lakes chain so you can ski anytime of the day and get good water while still being able to hit the chain the rest of the days.

    On newer maps it's called Chrystal Lake. On older maps it's called Mud Lake. Rent a place somewhere on the Three Lakes chain and then get over to Chrystal lake via a little channel off of Deer Lake. See http://bit.ly/2v1tPJ8

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    @mlange, that is hilarious. The place we are trying to buy is on a bay of a lake in mn that used to be called mud bay and was renamed to Crystal bay.
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    Pretty much any lake is going to have good water every morning "up north" as far as boat traffic. It is, essentially, the promised land for boating. Crystal clear, clean water, bald eagles, the whole bit. Minocqua is a total blast and has water everywhere. I like Kawaguesaga for skiing on that chain. For something off that chain, Squirrel Lake off 70W is the bomb. Plum Lake up in Sayner is also killer. Eagle River is the same deal, tons of options but perhaps a touch less commercial. Cranberry and Catfish lake have lots of options for shorelines. Both chains have insane traffic during the middle of the day, I can barely use my 200 on those during the day without sinking it.

    Since morning boat traffic won't be a problem anywhere, try to safeguard yourself from wind by finding a lake with lots of different shoreline options. There's nothing worse than having the lake to yourself but contending with prevailing winds that take the whole lake out all day.
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    Joel hit the nail on the head as far as northern WI lakes. Especially the part about finding a lake with multiple shoreline options depending on the wind. I'm on Cranberry Lake (eagle chain) about 50-60 days between May and September, and I rarely see anyone else skiing before 10 AM. Usually it's high noon before anyone heads out. But when they do, they do! I've given up on trying to ski in the afternoon/evening. It rarely works. You can ski, just don't expect great water. But cruising the chain is fun for people/boat/boat house watching. The other thing that has been hard to predict is when the chain is busy. There are some weekends I think will be crazy, and no one is around. Then I will be around on a random Wednesday, and it's really busy. But the one constant has been almost no ski traffic well into late morning. Might have something to do with the fact that the temperature is usually in the 50's or 60's???? Not sure.
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    @oldjeep The story I heard is that they renamed it to help property values.
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    Eagle River and Minocqua areas are good recommendations. There's enough to do around those places in the evenings to keep the ladies entertained. If you're looking for more action than that, look for lakes in the Madison or Waukesha areas.
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    We vacationed on Metonga for 20 plus years, skied Lucerne some as well. Figure 8 Barefoot Nationals are held just outside of Crandon annually (Footstock). Skied it a number of times in the early 90's.
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    @6balls I pretty much grew up on Lucerne! Small world. That's where my avatar photo is from.
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    @oldjeep - are you on/near Balsam Lake? I have an aunt and uncle that have a beautiful home on that lake. Been a while now but used to ski there often. Lovely place.

    Hour restrictions aside, I always enjoy skiing on the Chain 'O Lakes near Waupaca, WI where my mom has a place. Clear, spring fed lakes. Mid-week is by far the best during the summer. Looking forward to my week there at the end of June.
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    @tlarocque we live near Minneapolis, but have rented a house on that northern finger on balsam a few times. It is a beautiful lake, and there is also a show team that practices over on the west side of the lake that you can park and watch sometimes.
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    Lots of good suggestions listed above! Summer in Wisconsin is beautiful, both weeks! Got a pic from my bud in Beloit this morning full blanket of snow! Gotta love the south!
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    What do you mean the south? I thought Beloit is the south!! Driving to work yesterday morning the temp got to 7 below zero at one point. The entire 31 mile drive was below zero. Gotta have more than one hobby up here. I've been skiing like crazy since December. My V2 technique has never been stronger. Solid or liquid H2O, it's all a blast.
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    Thanks for all of the comments. I'd love to get up to the eagle river area, but if we're just doing a 3 day weekend, I'd prefer to be a little further south. Anything up north of Madison that's not too overrun with tourists from the dells?
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    That part of the state will be busy during the daytime no matter where you go. Lake Wisconsin is fun because it's on the river and you can do fun river things. Green Lake is always a winner. If you're looking for something a little less well-known but still away from the busier Waukesha and Madison areas, you can look into Sinsippi near Hustisford. Kindof in the middle of nowhere.
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    @scorban2 Come to the Brainerd lakes area of north central MN.Located about 2.5 hrs north of Mpls and I think I have about 400 lakes around me.Many of which are small and would be great lakes to ski and enjoy.Also great lakes to fish and if you enjoy golf we have world class golf courses.
    Ron Engblom Brainerd lakes,minnesota
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    A view of our house on the Spread Eagle Chain, which is just over an hour from Three Lakes. Crystal clear water, and great ski conditions.
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