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Switching skis, new settings question

bf`bf` Posts: 112 Baller
Hi All,

I pulled the trigger on a ski upgrade, and I'm looking forward to getting this season going! Moving from a D3 Quest to an ARC. I don't change skis often, and it's been my experience that I take a while to settle into/tweak a new ride. My usual process is to spend about a week thinking about all possible combinations/permutations of old, new, and others settings to come up with something.

My personal settings have always leaned toward the deeper/shorter side and the ARC definitely has recommended settings that are shallower/longer than the Quest. Question for you that are more adept at changing skis: Would you recommend starting at factory settings for the new ski, or start by using my current settings for the old ski?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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