What do you love about your favourite pro shop or wish it had?

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Me and me Fiancée have just started our own pro shop. In the interest of protecting the sponsors of BOS I wont Say the name. However on our new journey we are looking for some ideas of what facilities you ballers really love about your local or online pro shops, or what you would really like that isn't available ie demos, free returns. Hopefully with some great answers we can try and make a great facility and shop in our area.
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    I love the good service from my shop. I love the AFFORDABLE demo programs and great selection. (Demo programs are out there but not always affordable). Hate they don’t have buoys and MNI gloves. And I can always get my non skiing wife to accompany me there due to great beachware selection.
  • bigskieridahobigskieridaho Posts: 886 Crazy Baller
    Inventory, customer service, ability to match other shops or online like my local shop does. Actually have the same amount of ski gear as board sports...or more;) great selection for adults as well as my little kiddos. Knowledgeable staff is a great attribute as well.
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    I worked at a pro shop for years through high school and university, and I have some ideas about what is good and bad.
    - Have a good selection of products for every level, people like to see good stock.
    - This is very important: Hire people who actually do the sports. Whether it's wakeboarding, wakesurfing, or skiing. It doesn't look good when someone is trying to sell a ski when they've never been on a boat before.
    - Do a great demo program, $40 for the weekend for any hardgood you want, and if you want to buy it $40 comes off.
    - If you have access to a boat and a lake is near, do ride nights. We always did this and it was amazing. People can book a spot for like $30, and you go out with a group of people and ski! Customers can try new product, of just bring out their own stuff. I loved this because it allows people to meet others in the local watersports scene, and really creates a sense of community around your business!
    - Do events like BBQs and whatnot in the summer, brings people in and gives it that lake feel.
    I hope this helps!
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    Inventory. I hate taking the time to go to a brick and mortar store and being told i have to order what i want. Could have stayed home and done that. It does help that the shop i go to most for equipment (midwest watersports) is also a major online retailer.
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    Inventory is a problem since its hard to store move, return etc. But it is sort of the obvious issue. Local one didn't have slalom mainline when I went in last time.

    Favorite thing would be having a ski lake on site. Gotta be the best feature.

    I'd also put out there having your shop be a resource to get people introduced to the sport. One around here has summer learn to ski and also learn to drive the ski boat classes. This is probably a big thing if your shop is in the UK.
  • mkerziemkerzie Posts: 61 Baller
    High end slalom skis. Seems most pro shops around me don't offer the really high end HO, Radar, O'brien slalom ski's. Not sure if D3 or Goode let pro shops rep their stuff? I know that as buoy chasers we represent a very small portion of the target customer but it would be nice to see something and support a local shop without resorting to the internet. Masterline ropes would be nice too!
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    Stand behind what you sell and look after all your customers.
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    Thanks for the input guys, really appreciated. Luckily we run a lake and school as well, so local demo's are going to happen. Obviously early stages make stocking limited. We try to have a good collection of stock, but investment funds make things a little tight. Would you find it acceptable to see the product but have to order in your size if not available? @mkerzie You shall be glad to know I'm currently sat in front of the whole Vapor Range :smile:
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