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Nautique Lake Water Temperature Sensor

jbwannjbwann Posts: 43 Baller
Hi guys,

2015 Nautique. The water temperature sensor is paired up with the depth finder in a bi-ducer right below the engine. The depth finder works fine. The water temperature read out is now always 0.00 degrees. Anyone have similar issues with a 3yr old boat? The bi-ducer is a $475 part plus installation. Hard to justify the expense for something I can estimate pretty close on my own by dipping a toe in the water. Any input is greatly appreciated. I will definitely share if solved.


  • skiinxsskiinxs Posts: 434 Crazy Baller
    Nautique carries a 5-year warranty, have your dealer replace it for free.
  • jbwannjbwann Posts: 43 Baller
    Definitely a good point. I didn't mention that I'm working on selling the boat this weekend and was hoping for a quick fix. Thanks very much for the input.
  • igkyaigkya Posts: 481 Solid Baller
    A good pool thermometer (< $10).
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