Help me choose. MOB or Reflex

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Hi all

I have been on powershells for years now but feel it's time to make a change away from the Velcro to a newer and safer system. I have read a ton of threads on bindings here on BOS. I have narrowed my choices down to @mmosley899 MOB syestem or a reflex.

I am not quite sure why more people aren't on MOB as to me, it seems likes the safest and most innovative design out there. It releases in all directions like a snow ski binding and allows the feet to be close together. I also like the fact that Mike is an active member, contributor and supporter of BOS. Price wise it's about on par as I will use my own powershell boot that I am already used to and like.

The reflex seems to be the industry standard. Most of the top people seem to use this release even though it only release from the heel and doesn't guard against any twisting falls. It seems like old technology but seems to work seemingly well. Goode has a powershell/reflex setup that would be quick and easy to setup again allowing me to use the powershell boot that I like.

I will be going to an rstyle rear or Wiley rear boot.

Now my brain tells me that I should give @mmosley899 MOB system a go but my instincts tell me that there must be a reason that so many skiers stick to the reflex.

What are your thhoughts and which way would you go in my position.




  • ghutchghutch Posts: 48 Baller
    I would say you answered your own question. The MOB system. I'm on Radars and in the process of modifying my rear boot to allow more movement, or feel like a rtp. So far I'm liking the results. Again a little at a time and seeing how each mod feels. I also like supporting those in our sport who aren't the industry giants and just trying to help it along.
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    Season ender last year in D3 leverage and RTP after 35 yrs no issue so kinda freaky...having said that gonna try MOB...might have saved me in the flat spin I took with my front foot still in there.
    Doesn't mean it's right for you, but worthy of your consideration.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • skihartskihart Posts: 454 Solid Baller
    Anyone running a double boot setup on the Mob? Was thinking about going to an rstyle rear but could stick with the double boot setup as well.
  • Ed_JohnsonEd_Johnson Posts: 1,867
    @skihart ... Went from over 10 years on Powershells to Reflex Supershell with R-Style Rear about 3 years a go. Best move I ever made. Much more freedom of movement and COM movement by using the R-Style rear. Biggest improvement to my skiing ever. Whether you go with MOB or Reflex, both are great, but the R-Style rear yields the greatest improvement.
    Loving the Reflex Supershell with R Style Rear and NRG with CG Fin.
  • IlivetoskiIlivetoski Posts: 1,150 Crazy Baller
    I moved to the Reflex with R style 3 seasons ago and I have never had a fall where I thought it should have released and it didn’t. And it has never prereleased on me. For me just don’t fix what isn’t broken
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    I went double FM for 8 years after a femur fx to ob4 which didn't seem to transfer to the ski as much but bought a mob g10 from @mmosley899 hope it provides the roll that the FM did.

    But the ob4 did release where Quattro did not.
  • jshaff28jshaff28 Posts: 3 Baller
    @skihart I am currently Running MOB with double reflex bindings. Got to take my first set on them after a long winter, definitely a change coming from neoprene shells, but the setup works great.
  • Ed_JohnsonEd_Johnson Posts: 1,867
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    @skihart ... I agree with Mike and believe the best way for you to go is the MOB system using your Powershell Boots and let him modify the rear Powershell to be like the R-Style.
    You will feel really at HOME with that system.
    Before I switched from Powershells to the Reflex, I removed the upper cuff from my rear Powershell just to see if it would improve COM movement and if I could ski with it.
    Worked just fine. Having Mike set the boots up for you would be the Cats Ass, way to go. Absolutely a no brainer. A lot less expensive and something that would make the transition really easy.

    PS: Something Andy Mapple told me to do to make the transition from Double Boots to the R-Style was to use my regular rear liner, but secure the top of it tight with a velcro strap or Dog Collar, so that the feel makes your brain think you are still in a double boot. Really works well !!

    Loving the Reflex Supershell with R Style Rear and NRG with CG Fin.
  • MattPMattP Posts: 5,973 Mega Baller
    @skihart I have been on the MOB system for over 4 years now and I have never had an issue. I switched from a Reflex after a few twisting falls that my ankle did not like. Mike is great to work with and is always available by phone.
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