Finger injuries and surgeries

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I injured a ligament on my ring finger when I was cranking a chain saw a few months ago. So now it stays flexed about 40 degrees and won't straighten. The doctor calls it pseudo-boutonniere injury and says I need a surgery called volar plate release. Anybody had this? Did the surgery fix it and how'd it affect your skiing? Thanks!


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    Not quite the same injury as yours, here's the link on my surgeries. Good luck.
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    Again not the same but I managed to cut three quaters of the way through the base of my index finger with a Hedge Trimmer ( Don't Ask Total Stupidity On My Part.
    I had Micro surgery to repair it, it works fine , had a weird sensation when I touched it but that has got a lot better over time.

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    @lkb - I had "trigger finger" develop in my left hand #2 and #3 fingers after years of working on cars. I had "Tendon release" surgery last October which did wonders. You just need to find the right hand specialist.
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    @RichardDoane you’re confusing me. You had the right hand specialist work on your left hand?
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    "right" meaning "correct" in this case, finding the best surgeon possible is important
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    thanks for all the input. I just talked to the surgeon again. I get the feeling it’s definitely worth giving the procedure a shot. Hopefully it works. If not I’ll be no worse than now and I’ll have a cool scar to add to the collection.
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