Non ski related lake use

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How do most private sites deal with the liability of non ski related lake use? Do you allow owners to pull tubes? (probably the most dangerous) We have a community boat, but owners also have other options to tow tubers. (personal jet skis) Lake is large enough, but you do have to pay attention at the ends that you don't throw someone up on shore. Some owners are afraid that they may face a law suit, even if they are not in any way involved with the activity.



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    Hows it any different than someone getting hurt slalom, trick and jump?
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    I think the jump is your biggest liability there. So if your community has decided they are going to tow....then towing is towing. there are many variables for all sports and activities that could arise, that could result in a I don't think tubing is the problem. I know a private site that has created "dead zones" at either end telling the drivers to go to 0 about 150ft from the ends which doesnt impact skiers much but i guess it takes some of the fun out of it for a tuber..
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    @Bruce_Butterfield will you help me dig the hole??
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    The biggest liability is an accident with another boat. If you don't allow jet skis to pull anything that would be a smart move.
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    @DynaSkiPete we dont allow multiple tow boats (or jet skis) pulling tubes at a time.
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    Most private sites like ours only allow one boat in use at a time, no matter if it is for skiing, jumping, tubing or wake boarding. There probably has been less injuries tubing
    than the other water activities even though some of the tube drivers can be pretty wild. But tubing is mostly done by younger members and guest who can take that punishment.

    All owners and guest sign water sports liability releases. We have put restrictions on how many tubes behind a boat and how many tubers you can pull.
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    Contact Global Insurance They insure our lakes (private ) with a jump and including tubing etc.
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    Stipulate that there must always be a observer in the boat when towing inflatables, absoulotely essential in my opinion.

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    Since you must have multiple people with access I'm curious what determines who gets to use the lake first?
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    Tubers are a lot like snakes at your lake. Pick a spot on your deck and wait for them to show up. Once you kill a few of them, they won’t be able to repopulate and you should be go. If you let the brush and grass get too high, they will however start hiding in there and will pop up when you are not looking. I have found most tubers are not poisonous unless there tube is bright colored, at which point, proceed with care.
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    Our complex has three lakes and 37 owners and their families. Lake one where all the homes are located uses a North to South rotation going down the shoreline. If you want
    to be part of that rotation you put your flag up at your dock. You get 6-8 slalom passes
    or 15 minutes for tubing, wake boarding etc. It runs pretty smooth. The other two lakes have common area docks which has room for eight boats per lake. First come first serve same number of passes or 15 minutes. When your done you just go to the back of the rotation. Nobody has complained about getting enough sets, often a lake will sit idle during the day.
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