I've been waiting six months for this...

ErikBerghillerErikBerghiller Posts: 64 Baller
...and finally, winter caved. Months of ice, snow and darkness is over. It's time for some serious skiing...STOKED! :)



  • colo_skiercolo_skier Posts: 771 Solid Baller
    Cool Enjoy the water.
    Not sure I know what I am doing. The boat goes I follow. Trying to perfect the deep water start. Squirrel!
  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 347 Solid Baller
    Bring on the warm weather!
  • bigskieridahobigskieridaho Posts: 886 Crazy Baller
    Always a good day. We have some sun but this wind won’t stop here in Idaho. It is getting aggravating!
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