Teaching kids to ski Cyprus Gardens style.

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    YES! This is it! A lesson from history on getting kids interested in skiing. The last couple years I've been pondering how this might be done without the boat and the lake, and allow more beginner tries in less time. I was thinking cable tows at public pools, but how and when and at what expense?

    The solution is now clear - a golf cart with a boom. The venue could be a special event scheduled for a community swim team. A captive set of potential skiers already athletically inclined and comfortable in the water!
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    ... and then they can progress into buying their own "low cost ski rigs"
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    The water ski show teams around here (Wisconsin) have Learn to Ski Events. For something like $10 which covers insurance thru US Water Ski. The ski teams are wanting to recruit more skiers. It often draws lots of kids unless the weather is real crappy. Teaching a person to water ski is much easier with a boom I think.
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    I don't know @dave2ball , but based on his account picture, that might be him driving the boat in the video @wish posted.
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    I can see where this is going. Private pools with turn islands. Cushmans with speed control. Different tow vehicles dependent on whether jr is anticipated to become a bouy chaser, wakeboarder or tricker.

    I’ve pulled many kids on aquaplane simply jogging along sandy beach.
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    Hmmmm, If I were a kid would I rather learn to ski behind a 300+ HP inboard at speeds so slow the wake is bigger than me, falling and floating in the water for so long my lips are purple while my dad yells at me to keep my arms straight.


    In a nice warm swimming pool shaped like the state of Florida on a golf cart boom where there is no wake what-so-ever with other kids my age and three stunning ladies there to help me get up and when I fall.
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    This Cushman Golfster has the right modern look. Perfect!

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