New fangled gizmos of the past

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With the release of the CG fin, which sounds like a real breakthrough, it got me thinking of some of the other ideas that came and went. Off the top of my head, I think of things like the side force enhancer (SFE) or the micro wings ( additional small wing added to the fin) that people were initially excited about. I am old enough to remember an articulating wing that moved by a rod that reacted to heel pressure in the front boot to act as an active brake. that one was deemed illegal. So folks, what other gimmicks came and went over the years?


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    HO back in the day -Power Stick???? It was an external dampening feature.
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    Obrien Vengance. Most gizmoed up ski ever. Tiny mid ski fin, flex control bar on the front of ski. Flex control rod in the tail. Torsion control bars just behind back boot. Hour glass profile, and pressure release flutes built into the bottom of the ski just before fin.
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    Centurion Articulating Tracking System--CATS--the front tracking fin rotated with the steering helm.

    Mapple skis torque box allowing the ski to twist under load

    Centurion Carbon Pro Gunsight

    Centurion switchable exhaust for surfing

    Whatver the Goode was called that had the fish bone style slots sliced out of the rear of the ski on each side.

    @Horton's Carbon Fins!!!

    Willi's little edge holding thingy bracket (or whatever it was for)

    Infinity ski boats

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    The O'brien piezoelectric vibration damper! Complete with led light to let you know it was working.
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    Medallion digital gauges - grrrrrr!
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