Goode Power-G-Flex, PowerShell, Reflex, ?????

I'm in search of a new binding setup. I've been on the Goode PowerShell system for about 10 years (double boot). I've had issues in the past with the plate releasing too early (either from not enough dual-lock, or installation too many times). Now that I've added enough dual-lock, it won't release when i need it too. I've had two bad falls in the past year that have taken me out for too long. I'm looking for something with dual boots and a measurable release system. The new Goode G-Flex is only recommended with a front boot and rear toe. Reflex has a dual system, but not sure on the design and the differences in the Reflex boot vs. the Goode hardshell. There is the MOB system that looks interesting. I'm curious about peoples opinion on a good, reliable, consistent release, double boot system. I look forward to the comments, and the debate;)


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    @CawleyIII the only release system that releases in a twisting or rotational fall is the MOB. For a double boot system, the MOB system will feel and perform very much like what you are accustom to. I have used this system for twenty five years, skiing into 39off, without a single injury. I am readily available to discuss your needs and answer questions.
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    If you love the boots but hate the release I would mount them on the MOB.

    The G-Flex is the same boot on a reflex silvretta plate/release, and the Syndicate hardshell is another version of the silvretta. So all of these boots release functionally in the same way.

    There are not that many "unique" binding systems in existence, and to run dual true hardshell boots you are even further limited;

    MOB system
    FM Quattro
    Goode Powershell
    Dual Reflex

    There are a lot more options if you want a front single boot with a rear hybrid shell.
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