What a weird ski boat !


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    This really isn’t a weird ski boat. This boat was a modern day skiboat back in the 70’s. It was made by Jack Keaton and pulled many tournaments during it glory days. I believe this boat even preceded master craft and correct craft. It had a great wake even by today’s standards
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    That boat is sweet!
    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
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    Way back, I skied a fair amount behind a Keaton. Decent boat but not optimized for tournaments. Foot pedal throttle was weird. Mid 70s Nautique wake was smaller for slalom. Great for tricks.

    With ZO it would be interesting.

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    Funny how we accept right hand driving...
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    @eleeski I remember skiing behind one in the 80’s. Can’t remember the wake being big at least bigger the the 70’s Nautique which I learned behind.
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    I think I'm in love with it.
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    This thing is super clean looking.
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    Wow...I'm in love. That thing is awesome!
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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    Talk about turning heads on the water. What a cool boat!
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    @wish I bet it has a killer wake, tracks ok, certainly doesn't have ZO, and has terrible shortline spray. Crazy unique and simple retro feel. Very impressed.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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    This one has a normal throttle, per the photographs.

    Not older that Correct Craft. CC was around pre-WWII and made landing craft during the war.

    Could be older than Ski Nautique. Maybe, maybe not. CC started making them in the ‘61, ‘62 time frame, although the first 28 were made by Leo Bentz in his garage in the ‘50s.
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    CC on the waters of the world since 1925.
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    I had a guy approach me back in 2012 about building a small inboard called the Ski-Riffic. It was an inboard designed to use a V-6. I think his name was Bill Roberts. He had molds and a couple boats I think. He was in the Memphis area and would be around 76 now. I'm never wanting to build inboards but if someone wants to fully fund a new project send me an email. You also need to have $250 K available or so as that is what it will take to have your first boat on the water. Remember I own a small boat company and I know from experience what reality costs.
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    I believe Bill was in Columbus MS.
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    Hold my beer....
    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    Reminds me of my jetboat
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    Keatons were pretty popular in Northern California in the 60s and early 70s. He started building the boats in 1959. I saw many Keatons around the Delta and NorCal lakes before I ever saw a Ski Nautique or Mastercraft. The boats were popular with my Dad's friends as they replaced their wooden Chris Craft, Higgins, Trojan, etc. with a more modern fiberglass boat. Many of the Keatons after 72 were jets or vdrives. Interesting that over
    half of the Keatons shipped as just the hull. The buyer would outfit the boat with engine, interior, etc. A few shops popped up around NorCal that finished out the Keaton Hulls. Jack Keaton didn't pass until 2014 and attended some of the Keaton reunion meets in Sacramento.
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    P.S. I always thought that Keatons looked like a fiberglass version of the Besotes, a wooden inboard also made in Northern California
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    Check out keaton boats website. Has a few great pictures sent in by Art Smrekar with he and Kris LaPoint.
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    My cousin has an outboard Ski-Riffic. It’s a bit unrefined.you can also find the Ski-Riffic review in one of the Waterski Mag boat buyers guides in the 1990 area. It’s in the approved tow boat list for “92.
    This Keaton is a beautiful boat.
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