Weight of boat and trailer?

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I should know this but no. Any idea what a 2004 SN 196 and Ramlin tandem trailer weigh?



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    Probably about 3400-3500 pounds total.
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    Dry weight of your boat is 2570 lbs, add several hundred more of fuel and gear, and atleast 1000 lbs for the trailer, I’d say you approaching almost 4000.

    Your trailer should have a placard on it with the actual weight. My single axle is about 650 lbs.

    There is an old discussion thread on this on planet nautique, a member put their 196 & trailer on a trucking scale and it came in at 4000.
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    Many truck stops have certified scales. Last I checked $25. They always weigh moor than you think.
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    @Moved2ski amazing how many new boats are on axles that aren't rated for the boat, maybe with the axle moved way back and tons of tongue weight but you'll have a 3500 axle single under a ski boat with a 4100lb and that's a factory set up....
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    Your local landscape / gravel business may have scales and be a good alternative. Might even let you use scales for free if you are a customer.
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