Vintage O'Brien Ski for sale

Hello, new "old" guy here. Thank you for having me on this forum. I no longer ski due to age & health and would like to find a new home for my late 1960's 68" Obrien Competition ski. This wood ski is the most beautiful water ski I have ever seen with teak inlay, near perfect original finish, decals, boot, skeg, etc. I would call this "near museum" quality. I don't know how to post photos so if interested shoot me an email at If no one is interested I'll mount it on my "man cave" wall.


  • MuskokaKyMuskokaKy Posts: 275 Baller
    @TwanohTommy welcome to BOS. Ski sounds amazing but honestly i would suggest keeping it and mounting it in your cave. Its a great conversation piece and plus it was yours!!
    the guys on here are just going to hang it themselves. Most guys are riding new equipment but love to keep the old stuff to reminisce. Anyways just my two cents but i think that ski is wicked cool !!!
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