Moving to Orlando Bring Boat or Not?

msnechelonmsnechelon Posts: 2 New Baller
Hi, Considering a job change and move to Orlando. Real estate prices are WAY up, and property searches are finding few homes with enough garage space for the toys within a reasonable commute to I-4 and Sand Lake Rd area. So the question...Up north there is a pretty open ski community where you can very quickly hook up with others for a pull. Does anybody know where to look in Orlando? Ski Share posts, sites? Also, are there enough tournament boats in Orlando already? What are your thoughts? is it easy enough to find a pull? or better to bring the Malibu and look for ski buddies?


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    LaPoint Ski Park is four miles +/- from the Sand Lake/ I 4 intersection.
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    It,s about a hour from Orlando, have you considered Ski Paradise at Mulberry, you could probably keep your boat there.

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    If you enjoy boating, beyond just water skiing, there are several CHAINS of lakes, and st johns river, within 30-45 minute drive of anywhere in the area for a variety of fun cruising/bar hopping etc., some with courses on them.
  • floridagmfloridagm Posts: 20 Baller
    Check out the Orange County sportsman club, very close to your intended location and may offer a storage solution. As Scott mentioned, lots of great boating locations in addition to the public and private water courses. Put the word out when you get here, you’ll find ski buddies.
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    Keep boat, no brainer! You can always sell it there if you find you don't need it but having a boat and lots of places to use it would be half the appeal of FL to me.
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    Sportsman’s club has a waiting list longer than my.... 68” Ski. LaPoints is a great option but overall Orlando has a terrible ski scene IMHO. Keep the boat if you want to keep skiing. Storage is a bit tough and doubtful you’ll find a modern garage in a modern neighborhood that’ll fit a boat. And yes the market is on fire again. If I could start life over I’d be in Florida but definitely not Orlando.
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    We just got in sportsman club. They only open up new members in april. If you get on list now you'll probably make it next April, so go ahead and commitment to just get on the list. The wait for on site storage is very long. My Prostar with fold down platform and swing away tongue fits my garage fine. Ski scene is great once you meet some people, especially if you have a boat to contribute. Although most of the people I ski with have boats so it's more a matter of who's boat do we use....i kinda like mine....
  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 466 Solid Baller
    If you move down here bring the boat. There are many lakes that have courses on them and the boat will give you more ski options. If you are a tournament skier just getting involved will give you new contacts and options for skiing.
    Just getting out on the lakes where the courses are will get you seen and involved. Nobody can ski by themselves.
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    I would say it depends on what you want to do. If you just want to run buoys then Lapoint Ski Park is hard to beat. It is affordable and has a good group of skiers. If you want to spend time on the water with your family then definitely bring the boat. I would probably consider both.
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    I'm not from Orlando, but was there for a week over Christmas. Practically every lake we drove by had course. I'd keep the boat. Like @ScottScott our PS fits in our garage, with the platform down and tongue swung...and that's in the short 3rd stall (21' I think?). New brackets and a metal fab shop could make yours work too, if your boat/trailer isn't already equipped?
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    @MISkier that is one of my longest running policies. Keep the toys, always.
  • msnechelonmsnechelon Posts: 2 New Baller
    Thank you for all the kind advice! It is looking like Dr. Phillips gives the best office/airport location for us. Any recommendations on Lakes near by? Course is good, but some free skiing is OK too. As we drove around, noticed several gated communities with restricted access, is that true, or did we mis-interpret? We're empty nesters, and it's more of a sport to get me out for a few hours.
  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 466 Solid Baller
    If your going to be in the Dr Philips area lake butler would be the best bet unless you find a home On sand lake or little sand lake which is the area.

  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,004 Crazy Baller
    @Orlando76 you either have a long boat or a small garage. You can't drive a mile without hitting a lake in Orlando. If you can't afford lakefront, buy in a subdivision that has access. The ski schools are endless and all over, for lessons or just pulls. LaPoints is set up for that and reasonable.
    Stay out of the metro area, and lakefront isn't super expensive.
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    Butler chain is definatetly closest. Bad thing is that the only public access is around the west side of the chain, RD Keene Park

    Thats not really that far...... We launched there for a the last couple years that we've been boating that chain regularly, but the parking lot can fill up on a busy weekend (or if there is a fishing tournament) and it can get a little crazy at the launch. Once the parking lot fills up, there's no over flow parking, you have to wait in line for someone to leave.

    You will be very close to the Sportsman Association, so get on the list now and you should be good for next april.

    Here is the Sportsman Association website

    There is an online form to get on waiting list. Call them also. I'm sure the openings for this spring have closed, but worth asking. Also, if you submit online, you'll want to make sure they got it.

    There are 3 courses on the Butler chain, we are on Lk Pocket most every Saturday and Sunday. Also not far away is John's Lake. It has public access and has 4 courses.

    Other private lakes in the Dr Philips, or close by area are: Sand lake, little sand lake (there is a course on little sand lake, not sure about sand lake,) Lake hiawassee has a course, and Lake Rose has a course. Lake Sawyer also has a course, it is a little farther (near RD Keene park) but not too far from where you are looking. Depending on budget, maybe can find a house on one of those lakes.
  • shansen345shansen345 Posts: 181 Baller
    Keep your boat!
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,240 Mega Baller
    Little Sand Lake is in Dr. Phillips on the south side of Sand Lake Road. There is a slalom course that essentially is in front of Rocco’s Tacos.
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    @msnechelon talk to @drew about housing options and skiing
  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 466 Solid Baller
    @ScottScott unless you know someone there is no access to little lake sawyer.
    If he is in the Dr Philips area lake down has a ramp but parking is very very poor and a 2 minute ride east there is a record course that myself and ski partner redid 4 urs ago.
    Most lake in the area outside of a subdivision will not have public access like butler.
    7th street Windermere is a ramp pvt residents only
    Keans point public ramp
    lake down public ramp
    Little lake sawyer no access to the public
    Lake mable no course
    Jon’s lake located at county line of orange and lake county 2 courses public ramp
    Lake Hancock no public access unless living in independence subdivision.
  • ScottScottScottScott Posts: 600 Crazy Baller
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    yes, I may not have been 100% clear.....sawyer, hiawassee, rose, little sand lake don't have public access but have courses and would be good lakes to look for homes in the dr philips area. Only access would be lake front, or some communities that border those lakes. I didn't mention the public ramp on lake down/ conroy windermere rd, as like you say, there is no parking (even worse lately with the new development going in.) Then there are several community ramps around the butler chain, but restricted to residents.

    Johns lake has 4 courses, we go there occasionally.

    I ski hancock often, a friend lives on the lake. Only ramp is a community ramp in Independence, and a new community ramp in one of the new developments on the west side. Only 1 course on hancock these days (used to be 3.) Sub-bouys may still be there for the other 2.

    Are you on lake down often still?
  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 466 Solid Baller
    @ScottScott no I leave on lake hickory nut. I put a course in the lake a couple of years ago.
  • SteveoSteveo Posts: 59 Baller
    @dave2ball were you at Nautiques swerving weekend in Winter Haven last Saturday? I spoke with someone who skis on Lake Hickory Nut.
  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 466 Solid Baller
    @Steveo yep that would be me.
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